The process of designing kitchen cabinets

The process of designing kitchen cabinets

When designing kitchen cabinets for customers, The Gioi Moc always wishes to finish the goods as soon as possible, ensure the construction progress and handover on time on the contract. Therefore, we build a professional, quality kitchen cabinet design process. Based on that, the ranks of workers are able to perform and ensure the duration, progress and minimize errors or unexpected situations. What are the steps in the design process? Please refer to the details.

he process of designing kitchen cabinets at The Gioi Moc Furniture is designed in 8 steps, starting from receiving customer information requirements to the warranty and maintenance period.

Step 1: Receive inquiries, information from customers and quote.

When receiving news or requests to design beautiful kitchen cabinets, our staff will immediately advise and grasp the basic parameters of the kitchen cabinets such as type of cabinets, color, size, accessories. attached, the address to be constructed … From the above information, we will distribute the reference quote or exact quote for you.

You can send requests and discuss via fanpage: / THEGIOIMOC or HOTLINE: 0926 132 132

Step 2: Survey and measure the information

In case the customer does not have a specific drawing as well as specific parameters of the kitchen, the kitchen cabinet you want to design. We will take measurements to get the parameters, consider the assembly area, as well as the color of the kitchen and the cost customers, can afford to advise the size of the kitchen cabinets, color and design. Best.

If the customer already has the necessary parameters of the color as well as the 3D drawing, we can skip this step. And go to step 4 Sign the contract

Step 3: Build 3D design and detailed quotation

After measuring parameters and site survey, we will implement 3D design and distribute the most specific and accurate quotation to customers.

Normally, the design process usually takes about 2-3 days, our team of workers always try to complete the drawings in the shortest time.

Step 4: Sign the contract

When the customer has agreed with the quote cost that we distribute. We will draft kitchen cabinets design contracts to ensure the responsibility and interests of customers.

After signing the contract, customers will have to deposit 50% of the contract value in advance. This money we use to pay for the necessary materials and accessories to close the kitchen cabinets for you. The remaining 50% will be paid when we complete and hand over the cabinets.

Step 5: Build a 2D design

Next, we proceed to build a detailed 2D design with all the parameters, area image, kitchen cabinet function. This information will be provided to customers for your review, suggestions and corrections to make them more reasonable.

Step 6: Manufacture kitchen cabinets

Based on approved 2D, 3D design drawings. Our team of carpenters will produce kitchen cabinets right at the warehouse of the unit. Complete the product from material handling to product finishing.

Normally, the production path usually takes about 10-20 days. This depends on the size and material of the product.

Step 7: proceed to assemble

The finished product is also the time when we transport and deliver the goods to the customer. The assembly roadmap will be carried out quickly thanks to the ranks of skilled workers, in parallel with expert supervision to ensure the progress and quality of the work.

During this process, you will be inspected for the installation. In parallel when this route is completed, you are responsible for paying the remaining 50% to us.

Step 8: Warranty and maintenance

After handing over the kitchen cabinets to customers, we will change to warranty and product maintenance for customers. Depending on the signed warranty period, we will carry out a free warranty or paid modification assistance. If there is any situation that needs support, please contact us for timely treatment.

Above is the process of designing professional kitchen cabinets built by The Gioi Moc and being applied to produce kitchen cabinets for customers near and far. Thanks to this process, the completion time as well as the quality of goods are increasingly higher, thereby receiving the trust of many homeowners who choose to be the kitchen cabinet distributor. If you are also in need of closing kitchen cabinets, please contact The Gioi Moc for advice and assistance.

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