The How to’s Of Cleaning and Maintaining Artificial Leather

The How to’s Of Cleaning and Maintaining Artificial Leather

Leather is for sure a luxury item. 

Have you seen people wearing and buying leather jackets? No one goes to check and see if they’re wearing a real one or a synthetic one. Whether it’s there in a natural form or a synthetic form, it gives a similar appearance and great look. 

However, what differentiates synthetic leather from real one are its great features and, of course, the affordability. Its features include the durability of the leather material, the robust nature, the long-lasting ability, and so on. 

In this write-up, we have discussed how shoes, bags, and jackets made of artificial leather can look new and last longer than usual with proper upkeep and maintenance. This way, you will be able to flaunt a luxurious and elegant look with an artificial leather outfit that will not be heavy on your wallet.  

The best part of owning artificial leather products is that they can hardly be distinguished from genuine leather. Optimally, if they are cared for incorrectly, they break faster and start to peel. It might not be durable like natural leather, but it still is sustainable. To prevent this from happening, here are a few things to consider with the material. We’ll show you how to clean shoes, bags, and jackets made of synthetic leather and maintain them so that they last longer.

How Is Artificial Leather Cleaned? 

In some aspects, artificial leather is less sensitive than genuine leather. The latter is usually more resistant over many years, but you can also clean synthetic leather with water without any problems. This makes removing minor contaminants relatively easy – provided the material is still intact. 

The process only becomes problematic if the fabric got peeled off in some places. This happens when the quality is inferior or if the synthetic leather has come into contact with extreme heat, cold or acidic substances. You may be able to repair smaller areas with an artificial leather patch. Still, if the material got peeled off over a large area, unfortunately, cleaning will no longer have any positive effect. 

Therefore, it is essential to properly care for your synthetic leather once you possess it and prevent it from heat and sunlight exposure as it dries the fabric. 

Our first stop is the cleaning of leather bags and leather jackets. 

How To Clean Artificial Leather Bags & Leather Jackets?

You can easily remove the dark stains on light synthetic leather bags and jackets with the dirt eraser. But if you accidentally scratched your bag with a ballpoint pen or spilled your coffee over your jacket: there is another ingenious trick. Spray the stain with some perfume and rub it over with a cloth. You can also easily remove ink stains with the alcohol contained in the fragrance. 

Suppose you want to clean your entire artificial leather jacket or bag. In that case, you can either use the synthetic leather cleaning lotion made with oils, or you can use an imitation leather conditioner. 

The oils are absorbed in the leather material and give a smooth and sleek look. The care lotion has the advantage that it cares for the material at the same time and gives it a pleasant leather scent.

How to Clean Artificial Leather Shoes?

How you clean your synthetic leather shoes depends on how dirty it is. Especially on light-colored shoes, small welts and stains can also be removed easily with a dirt eraser. It needs to be slightly moistened before use. If you want to clean the entire shoe, you should first remove dust and other dirt with a dry cloth or a soft brush. Then spray some synthetic leather cleaner on a microfiber cloth moistened with water. Make sure that you wipe the shoe thoroughly. Now it just has to be dry.

Instead of a particular cleaner, you can also use water with a minimal amount of detergent. But be careful! Dish soap dries out the material firmly due to its high-fat dissolving power. Then you should polish your shoe with a suitable shoe-polish made especially for artificial leather shoes. This gives them more shine and helps you to enjoy them for longer.

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