Once you decide the venue for the wedding and date has been fixed for your big day. Then the next task in your to-do list will be to select and deliver your wedding invitation. Couples might have many options for wedding invitations in the past, with different papers, fonts, typography, colors, monograms, embellishments and various combinations of this art and stationery.

If you are in dilemma for selecting the invitation and looking for help and guidance then don’t worry at all. This article will take you through the hottest wedding invitations trends for 2020 and you can choose the best-suited invitation to your wedding.

  • Acrylic invitations: – The usage of acrylic substances is increasing for making the latest invitation cards. It is a versatile transparent substance compatible for all types of painting and calligraphy on it. An Acrylic look likes concrete or metal and evokes the feelings of factory-made but its fairness brings the glam factor in the invitation.
  • Vellum paper invitation: – Yes, vellum paper is still trending in 2020 but in a different way. Vellum paper often used to place cards and invitation inserts. This semi-transparent paper brings a modern touch with fresh vibes when it is paired with all the embellishments. Therefore, couples can avoid standard card stock or linen paper and go with the vellum for elegant invitation card.
  • Watercolor invitations: – There is no comparison of watercolor to bring an artistic look in an invitation card. Trend of using watercolors in invitation cards might be old but it’s still rocking the invitation segment. Not only the watercolor painted back is loved but also couples can add elegance by water coloring floral, venue maps and also their own portrait. Watercolor invitations have a romantic feel if used in perfect contrast and combination.
  • Calligraphy invitations:- The world of calligraphy has hit the trend of wedding invitation cards. It has created its own movement for 2020 wedding invite trends. Couples are loving the hand calligraphy invitation card. Calligraphers are creating the modern and new hands of calligraphy that feel totally fresh. Nowadays couples are opting minimalist typography to create a contemporary look.
  • Metallic invitations: – We all have seen the use of gold foils in the wedding invitation. In 2020 we will see the rise in using mixing a number of foil colors. Couples might like the gold theme with an elegant touch of silver color. Those days have gone when a single color was used in wedding invitation now a combination of foil colors are in trend.
  • Monogram or wax seal invitations: – In this era couples not only select the calligraphy, material, and design of the invitation card. They also want a custom monogram or wax seal for letter locking. By opting for the monogram of their choice couples can enhance the beauty of the wedding invitation.



Creativity is always evolving and inspired wedding invitation designers to cope up with the trend and bring something fresh. Here are some exciting invitation trends in 2020 that we have identified.

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