The glorious voyage from a Viner to a youtube sensation to a buoyant film actor

The glorious voyage from a Viner to a youtube sensation to a buoyant film actor

Social media is one such platform that offers fame and recognition to everyone who has even slightest of talent or ways of making their work open to all to appreciate and allure. One such Social Media sensation we are talking about in this article is none other than the YouTuber Harsh Beniwal.

Harsh was just another ordinary student of his age group but had great artistry of acting, and a determination to make his name in this field.  And, to make that happen, Harsh too took the most popular and most straightforward way towards his success – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Harsh started his own channel on YouTube not long ago. In 2015 he started his channel named “Hasley India,” and as the name of the channel suggested, he used to upload some hilarious and quick-witted vines and small videos on his channels. And, in no time he gained much popularity on each platform. His Instagram page was flooded with remarkable and appreciating reviews on his vines, and simultaneously, his fan following reached its peak.

For all those who might be wondering did he might have made different clips of the same content on each platform? No, he didn’t. You see such things comes once and makes an impression that lasts forever. And, to share such quick-witted clips, he or any other ‘intelligent’ video content creator uses facebook large thumbnails.

About these thumbnails, some promising websites offer free and pristine quality youtube to facebook thumbnails generator, like YT2Fb being one of this kind. Once a youtuber makes a utopian video content, they can visit such sites and create a good facebook large thumbnails, which is also shareable on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Same was being done and followed by our star Harsh Beniwal. And, the flawless acting and scripting of his caught the eyes of some good Bollywood directors like Puneet Malhotra who has delivered some blockbusters one of them being SOTY and the recent talk of the town hit SOTY2.

Puneet Malhotra had eyes for talent, and Harsh’s flashing talent caught his attention at once, making him bag his first commercial role in a blockbuster movie.

Harsh was so thrilled and overwhelmed with this offer, that he thanked many times to his mentors on his already accessible social media pages. Within a period of just 4Years, this 23Yrs boy made every youth and some big shots of Bollywood smitten by his acting skills.

Going by some reliable sources, Harsh was once dumbstruck once he got a call from the team of SOTY2 confirming his selection for a role. He took a few moments to swallow this life-changing news for him. It is said, he put on some kilos too, to make him fit for his role in the film. Well, we can say that all his hard work was much appreciated in the movie.

It was not just YouTube that got this much fame to him, he gained around 10,000 followers on Instagram overnight with his Dubsmash videos. And, his this passion even took a toll on his academics. He dropped out of his BCA course to pursue his dream of making it big in the acting World. And, we must say, his dedication and talents just paid-off by his much-appreciated work in SOTY2.

Just like Harsh, there are many more hidden and excellent talents waiting to grab the eyeballs of critics, letting them make big in the World. But, for that, they need to take a smarter way similar to what Harsh followed.

There is no denying of the fact that Facebook is a bigger and broader social media platform as compared to very popular trending YouTube. So, its time to make a mark on both of these platforms. And to do so, just like our new star in town Harsh Beniwal, use facebook thumbnails. Visit some useful websites like YT2Fb being one and use their youtube to facebook thumbnails converter to post and share your talent on more prominent and broader platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

The journey of Harsh Beniwal to this film Industry just gave us another proof, that if someone else has the talent in them, there is certainly no need for falling in the category of nepotism.

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