Fashion · November 23, 2019

The easiest guide to take care of your embroidered apparel

Suppose you ordered an embroidered apparel from the best  logo embroidery services in Tampa. The parcel arrives on time, and when you gaze upon your brand-snew embroidered apparel for the first time, you get lost in its perfection and think about two things:

1) This looks so fine! This just came out great!

2) Dang! How the hell can I keep this clean?

In all honesty, taking care of the embroidered apparel isn’t too different from taking care of the other regular clothes. Embroidery work is a sturdy customization method and it is built to last. They can easily endure machine-washing and machine-drying. But there are some people (including me) who like to put in an extra effort towards clothing care. If you’re one of us or simply just want to take extra care of your embroidered items, these are the simple tips to follow.

Quit scrubbing, start soaking.

If your embroidered item has picked up a stain it’s just natural to want to try to scrub the hell out of that stain, but that would do no good. Instead it might be bad for your embroidered item.

Rubbing the fabric together against each other or using a brush to scrub out the stains would most definitely damage the embroidery threads and fibers.  It may then start to give off an old fuzzy non-fresh look. Instead of scrubbing, start soaking.

Soak your garments in a clean basin or tub. If the soaking does not work, gently swirl the garment around.

Hand-wash the embroidered apparel like a Pro

Be sure to choose a clean sink or basin when hand washing apparel.

Once done with washing your garment you would then have to rinse out the detergents. Avoid twisting the fabric. Simply move it around in the water and allow it a bit of time to get rid of the stain.

Let the embellished garment sit in water for about ten to fifteen minutes. When the time is up, refill the tub with fresh water. Keep on repeating this process until your wearables are soap-free.

Do not! I repeat! Do not store starched apparel

There is not a better feeling than having a clean, fresh and crisply starched, embroidered polo t-shirt to wear to work or play. You may like starching your embroidered clothes, but starching embroidered apparel before storing them could be harmful. Starch tends to harden the fibers of the fabric and makes them weak. The fibers may then easily break when you fold the clothes and store them for a long period of time. Another thing that might happen is that because natural starch attracts insects. So when you’re thinking that you are storing your embroidered clothes the perfect way, you are actually putting out a delicious Thanksgiving feast the insects. Later on, when you take your apparel out, you may find a few holes in them.

Always get embroidery done from the best logo embroidery services in Tampa, soak instead of scrubbing, hand-wash your apparel and only starch your embroidered clothes whenever you plan on wearing them. You’ll still get that sharp professional look you adore, and you’ll also be doing your apparel a world of good and make them last a bit longer.