The best health advice for you

The best health advice for you

Staying fit requires a lot of effort. You see physical fitness can be acquired by working out and maintaining a healthy diet but mental fitness is really hard to achieve in this competitive era. In this article, I won’t preach about how to maintain a healthy life but I would give some tips for living a healthy life.

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Admire them: It is often seen that people get jealous at others’ success. To be honest I get jealous sometimes but is it really worth it? If someone has achieved success instead of getting jealous, we should admire them. Personally, I believe jealousy kills progress and humanity which leads to failure. Admiring them will encourage you to get better at your job.

Make your own rules: Honestly, it is very important to make your own rules. Every person on earth is different from other and no such rule book can fit each of us. You need to make your own rules, obviously not by hurting others but to increase your productivity at work. Set a schedule for your daily chores and official work separately. If you try to follow anyone else’s schedule, it would actually hamper your progress.

Help Others: Humanity is dying each and every moment from the entire world. Be a Human, it is an extreme necessity right now. Love people who really needs it. Help them, who are dying for a little support. Contribute and make people happy around you. When you make someone smile even a little, you will understand why “happiness” is so precious.

Find your Passion: Following passion in this busy era has become really tough. It is one of the reasons that we are unable to create something extraordinary. Science one hand has advanced our livelihood, but on the other hand we have become lazier. Find your true place by finding your passion. In MeVero you will be able to find your passion and follow it. Download the App to change your life.

Eat Fresh: The best tip to live a healthy life is to eat Fresh food. I know you are already trying to lose your weight by lowering your carb intake by eating more fruits and veggies, but is it doing enough? Make sure your food is fresh, eating fruits and veggies which aren’t fresh will actually hamper your health even more. If your heart is craving for some potato chips, eat them but prepare them at home. A lot of so-called healthy food found in the supermarket are not actually chemical free. Be very careful.

Love Yourself: Often we forget to love ourselves but trust me, it is the most important thing to do in life. Embrace your imperfections, your scars, your clumsiness. None of us are perfect, neither our lives are but that mean you shouldn’t live your life. Life is so precious you see, live it. Buy gifts for yourselves, go out on solo dates and if possible at least once in a life go for a solo trip. When you will understand the importance of self-love, everyone will love you for who you truly are.

Find Happiness: Happiness cannot be purchased from any shop in the Earth, you have to find it. Do activities in which you find happiness. Happiness is so important my dear. I know one thing, happiness lies in little things like giving your special one a surprise gift, stealing a kiss from the person you love most, creating a new tune with your favourite instrument etc. anything that gives you happiness. Don’t be shy, just be happy.

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Living a Healthy life directly entails living a happy life. Stay Happy! Stay Blessed!

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