Home Decor · September 15, 2020

The best colors to choose for your sofa cover

sofa cover

When you buy a sofa, you already put a lot of thought into it. But do you know you also have to take essential calls when it comes to buying sofa covers? For example, you can imagine which color to choose for them. The shade of the material will play a critical part in creating a cohesive or contrasting impact in your interior décor. You have to be more particular about it since the original sofa surface will be hiding under it. If you didn’t pay much attention to the tinge of your couch set earlier, it could be an opportunity to correct that mistake.

Anyway, choosing a perfect hue for couch covers depends on a variety of factors. You have to broaden your view to ensure that it blends well with the surroundings. At the same time, it has to protect the base.  There are a few primary colors that can never cheat you. These include beige, blue, brown, and gray. Let’s learn about them a bit.

Color options for customized sofa covers


White can be elegant, but the chances of it getting dirty soon are very high. If you want to enjoy a touch of elegance in the same amount without worrying about dirt and dust, beige can be the right thing. It also allows you to play with your interior theme the way you desire. It can keep your sofa sets safe while mingling with the decoration.


The moment you talk about this shade, a feeling of joy and vibrant mood can run through your veins. Such is the impact of this hue. You can use it anywhere to create the right style. Since blue goes with almost everything, you can make your sofa wear a blue customized cover to give your space a signature look while the furniture is still hiding.


If you have kids and pets at home, it can be the safest choice to make. It can look fabulous in the polyester material. You may not find it too exciting, but its warmth and earthiness can seamlessly add to any look. If you enjoy natural colors, it can be a suitable addition without any doubt.


When you think of a neutral shade, it can be the first choice to pop up in your mind. Like beige, gray can also be the best selection for your décor. If you are hesitant about adding black in your surroundings, gray can make up for its absence. At the same time, it doesn’t reflect dirt and dust as much as a black surface. Hence, it can be a practical selection also.

When you order sofa covers for customization, make sure to provide the store with the proper measurements. Also, when you select colors, keep in mind the option of material. Some materials can look better in one shade than the other. Plus, you have to derive both aesthetic and practical values out of your choice of cover. So, be careful with even the shade that you pick. While it should not look odd when resting on the sofa, it should not get dirty too quickly. Otherwise, you will have to wash them frequently.