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The Best Affordable Commercial and Industrial Air Filters Are Now Available With Filter Concept!

Many industries employ air filters for crucial industrial processes. These are the devices that are designed to remove the solid contaminants and particulates to improve air quality in a system or the environment. Such air filters have a rigid frame that is filled with the filter media that is sealed for preventing any leaks in-between frames and mediums. These filters can be used for any industrial application to clean the air for household or commercial uses. Many devices and locations use air filters like air conditioners, commercial and industrial buildings, pharmaceutical industries and hospitals, food and beverage and electronics manufacturing.

Types of Filter Ratings

  1. Nominal Filter Rating – This is the ideal filter rating for the smallest particles.This filter removes particles as per the design of the filter. The filter rating is by the design criteria. The value of the filter is estimated and not precise. It has 5 Micron filters that can trap 95 % of all particles. The filter rating removes about 99.9% of impurities. The mechanical filters help in the removal of sediments and are used when the water comes from River source or lake. They are also referred to as particulate or sediment. These filters have sieves that help in removing dirt and other particles. Such filters are used as pre-filters and these are employed in different treatment systems. These also help in enhancing the life of filters.
  1. Absolute Filter Rating– This type of filters are capable of cutting almost 100% weights using the weight of the solid particles. This is higher than the stated micron size and defines the extent of filtration. Multiple methods are employed for the determination of the absolute filter ratings that are not interchangeable. The major reasons for using absolute Filter Rating is to eliminate the submicron particles used in optic production, gas masks, sensitive components, and nuclear installations. They have also used in Pharma industries and hospitals, space applications, biological center, and food processing zones.

The air filters that have higher efficiency for collection are employed in the above Industrial processes.

Different types of Industrial Air Filters

There are different grades of household and Industrial grade air filters available in the market. Some of them are as described below:

  • Panel Air Filter: These types of air filters have to be installed in the HVAC systems. They remove the contaminant from the air stream and help in improving the quality of the indoor air. They prevent contaminant from getting built up in equipment which could damage it. Such a filter can have a depth of 6″ for lower or moderate filtration. These are also employed as pre-filters to protect expensive filters in the downstream from the contaminants that are larger in size. This extends the life of filters and is used commonly in schools, office buildings, and offices. They are very fundamental yet crucial for these industries.
  • Pleated Air Filter: The filter gets its name as it is made by creating pleats of cotton, polyester and paper. This increases the surface area of the filter unit so that the filter can trap more contaminants like dirt and dust. If not taken care of these could damage the ducts or clog the coils. Such pleated filters help in improving the quality of air and they are sturdy and efficient than conventional filters. They are cheaper and are efficient too.
  • Bag Air Filter: They have used filters used in the HVAC application and help in dirt removal from the air. They are commonly used as the final filters in most commercial applications like in pharmaceutical industries. These filters are made with small pieces of media that are sealed to form bigger pockets. Bag filters contain many such pockets. They generally create larger areas and surface to give better dust holding capacity which increases the service life of the filter.
  • Carbon Air Filter: The filters can work on the level of molecular to reduce the severity of unpleasant odours in the air and to purify the air. It contains activated carbon which helps in the process of filtration and they also enable capture of any foreign particle. Such a process gives a higher surface area to carbon and more contaminants can be captured. This is the benefit of carbon material as it increases the surface area of activated carbon and also allows for filter media to give it the much higher surface area with more molecular bonds that helps in capturing the unwanted substances.
  • Separator Air Filter: This is a filtration technology that uses the separator material of higher density and glass fiber pleated and separated with aluminum foil. It uses concrete interface agent and tests are done to all these filters. They are suitable for purification equipment and end filtration, partial purification among other places.
  • Mini Pleat Air Filters: They are usually designed so that they can remove the fine particles. These filters also use a special medium that is intended to contain small or large particles. The construction is such to increase the surface area and to improve the process through better filter capabilities and long life. The filter provides longer service with proper maintenance. They are designed for hospitals and computer lobbies. They are designed to reduce allergy particles like mold and pollen among others. The filter protects from harmful particulates and keeps the home cleaner by decreasing the number of air particles.
  • Air Filter with Hood: These filters have a hood that is designed in a way to assist the unidirectional flow of air. They are lightweight and provide standard filtration. Their efficiency much higher and are adopted to improve the design and give a closed design that prevents the side leak. It helps in achieving air purification in a cleanroom. It is usually employed in those industries that require a clean environment like pharmacy, fibre equipment, and food processing.

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