General / Recent Guest Post · September 13, 2022

The Average Cost of Flood Insurance in Broward County Florida

When most people think of Broward County, they see the beaches, sunshine, and our tropical lifestyle. What they don’t see is the dangers we face from flooding. This is because Broward County sits along the coast and is in low-lying areas that were once swapped. These swamps were drained over the last 120 years to build the different communities throughout it. 

Flood insurance is a necessity to deal with weather-related threats that come out of nowhere. The challenge is finding insurance that gives you the most coverage and affordable premiums. Here is some useful information on the average cost of flood insurance in Broward County, Florida, and what you can do. 

The Average Cost of Flood Insurance in Broward County, Florida

Flood insurance is applied immediately and is added to your homeowner’s insurance policy through a separate rider. This means that you must purchase flood insurance in addition to what you have with your homeowner’s insurance. 

The average premium for flood insurance is $470 a year. This averages out to $39.16 per month to give you the additional protection you need. Your property and personal items are covered against flooding and losses. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are ready for anything. 

What is Covered?

Flood insurance covers those events where the flooding starts from rising waters, a storm, and broken water mains. It helps you to repair or replace different items including

  • Personal property
  • Plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems
  • High-value items
  • Appliances
  • Detached garages
  • Window treatments and carpeting
  • Walls, stairs, and your foundation
  • Built-in paneling, cabinets, and bookcases

Flood insurance will cover the loss you experience for all of these items. 

How Can You Reduce the Damage from flooding?

The best way to reduce the damages from flooding requires thinking in advance about how to protect yourself. Some of the things you can do include

  • Looking up your property’s flood risk: FEMA publishes a map that shows the different areas that are most vulnerable to flooding. This information helps you to see the likelihood in the event it occurs. 
  • Don’t take anything for granted: Even though you may live in a low-risk area, this does not mean that flooding is not a danger to you. Remember, all of Broward County is in low areas that were coastal plains, swamps, and marshes. Always assume that you are at risk of flooding, regardless of what the FEMA map shows. 
  • Maintain the repairs on your property: Keeping up with the repairs ensures that you are current with the building codes and are protecting your investment. 
  • Raise your personal belongings off the ground: You want to see where the floodwaters have been created before. Then, raise them several inches about these levels. 

These are some of the ways that will prepare you and reduce the damages to your property. 

Putting it All Together

This is some useful information on the average cost of flood insurance in Broward County, Florida, and what you can do. We recommend thinking ahead and not taking anything for granted. Flooding is a real risk in an area, and you want to be ready.