Education · May 23, 2021

Ten Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website from Quora


Quora is a top-ranked online answering community which is the ideal platform to begin the process of making your site popular and increasing rankings and traffic. It is a platform where people from around the world can ask questions and give answers and Google shows webpages that answer questions. This could be one of the reasons why Google ranks Quora high. According to five-year Google Trends data, Quora has a rising trending profile and is increasing in popularity. DMR statistics show that more than 200 million users visit Quora monthly to get the answers they need.  Therefore, Quora is a great platform to attract prospective buyers. Businesses can utilize reliable SEO packages in NYC provided by digital marketing companies to attract traffic in Quora.

Here are 10 tips to attract potential customers through Quora.

  • Understand the platform: The first and foremost step is to understand why it is important to invest time, money and resources on this new platform. According to SERanking, investing in Quora helped in:
  • Increasing monthly traffic by 120 percent on the average
  • Receiving more than one mentions of the company and its products on the web
  • Becoming among the top ten viewed in the SEO tools, Keyword Research, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization topics
  • Around 20K saw the contributions through Quora emailing activities.

Depending on the answers that can encourage people, you can sign up for the demo, register for free version, download the book and make a purchase.

  • How to pick a question: Quora is a community that covers any topic such as cars, sports, travel, medical, politics etc. So if you are asking a question, follow the topics that are related to your businesses like SEO service, local SEO, Search Engine Marketing etc.  The next step is to find a popular question related to your industry that is already on display, and which has a good number of followers and a high level of engagement. The higher the number of answers to a question the higher is the engagement level.  You can have multiple profiles to increase the volume of mentions and build a positive image of a professional team rather than one person. But it is good to have one profile for the company you promote.
  • Give personalized answers: Make sure to post personalized answers with all important details, relevant images or GIF animations. Add a personal touch to the story. Make sure that the answers are readable with bullet points, and numbered lists. The answers should at least have 300 words; and long texts are ranked better.
  • Optimize your profile: Make sure that the profile is optimized by sharing your achievements, your role in the company. Use Quora profile components such as education, work experience, and special qualities to add as much information about your business as possible. Make sure to include links to the company website, blog, social network accounts etc.
  • Decide on who should give the answer: The answers that you post on Quora should be meaningful and comprehensive, if you do not have the right answer, then it is better not to waffle. If you have the right answer, then keep the answer focused with practical tips. The answers can be given by a marketer or an expert, but what matters is posting the right answer.
  • Right number of answers: On this platform you can post as many answers as possible, but it is important to choose the right questions and add value to your answers. You can write more than 40 answers per month. Make sure you have both educational and brand awareness answers that do not promote anything and do not contain any links.
  • Assign an individual or a team to give answers: Two answers per day is high resource-intensive and it can be even difficult for experts to check the data, make screenshots and give personalized answers. So, if you want you can assign a special guy only for Quora. You can have a whole team of digital marketing specialists. You can create a schedule and assign each employee a day to write Quora answers.
  • Number of links: Quora allows one or two links per answer. If you use two links, the first one must lead to your website. Insert links organically and do not include Call for Action or clickbait.
  • Getting to the top of the topic: To get to the top of the topic and get into Quora’s newsletter, you must be the most viewed writer on that topic.

Quora is an excellent platform to generate leads; it helps you communicate with potential customers. You can also get SEO value out of Quora. You can associate with a reliable provider of affordable SEO packages in NYC to optimize your profile and get more traffic from Quora.