Surprising flowers meanings for every occasion

Surprising flowers meanings for every occasion

Flowers play an important role in occasions of life and have a language to express our greetings especially on Christmas and New Year. there are special flowers befitting specific occasions like birthdays, weddings, Christmas and New Year. These flowers have a lot of significance when used for certain occasions. Flowers’ meanings and symbolization were key elements and various flowers send coded messages and express feelings that are unsaid. This is known as floriography. Every emotion and feeling can be exposed in one way or the other with these fragile blooms.

Now let us see some of the most beautiful flowers that will steal and melt your heart this Christmas and New Year. Presenting these flowers will give enormous joy and happiness!

  1. Rose 

Rose is one of the most loved and special beautiful flowers of all time. Roses with a combination of thorny stems and fragrant blooms, symbolize achievement, completion, and perfection. A traditional rose is usually dark red with a long stem with thorns. They are even the best way to express your love. Different types of roses stand for different meanings: red rose for immortal love and passion. Yellow roses for friendship, mature love and joy, white roses for sanctity, purity, peace and secret admirer, while pink roses for healing, innocence and first love.

A combination of all these yellow, white, red, and pink creates joy and happiness for this Christmas and new year. Sending these fragile blooms to your friends and family will bring smiley faces. Buy flowers online Abu dhabi, and enjoy the occasions to the fullest.

  1. Tulips

Tulips especially stand for life and determination. This beautiful flower has 109 species. They have 6 petals and are distinctive from each other. Tulips are now in various colors like red, pink, yellow, orange, and purple. Tulips represent elegance and grace. They are mostly loved these days. They add grace to any occasion. Each color symbolizes their own meaning and different feelings: red tulips are for deep love and black velvety center of the tulip as a lover’s heart, yellow tulips are for cheerfulness, white tulips are for forgiveness, and purple tulips are for royalty.

At this Christmas and New Year express your deep love, and cheerfulness with these beautiful tulips floral arrangements. Send flowers Abu Dhabi online to surprise them and express your wishes.

  1. Orchids

Orchids are special, they are beautiful and delicate flowers with 250,000 different species. Their appearance makes it even more desirable and exotic. Their geometrical shaped petals will attract everyone’s attention. This flower stands for love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Pink orchids stand for pure affection, cattily orchids for mature charm, pink and white orchids for sympathy. When they are beautifully arranged, you can see the real beauty. They make any occasion joyful with their luxury look. order flowers online Abu Dhabi, and mesmerize the true beauty.

  1. Sunflowers 

Sunflowers are the perfect combination of beauty and utility. They are mostly known and used for decoration purposes and for providing oil and food. They give special beauty to any spaces on special occasions. Sunflowers stand for sun, warmth, happiness, adoration, and longevity. These are mostly loved by the people because of their unique beauty and widely used for celebrations. Send Flower delivery Abu Dhabi to make your family and friends admire and celebrate the real beauty with beautiful sunflowers.

  1. Chrysanthemums 

Chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and friendship. You kind find 30 different kinds of this flower. They are available in white, yellow, pink, and red. They symbolize different meanings: red chrysanthemums for the invitation to form a new relationship, yellow chrysanthemums for declining amorous advances, white chrysanthemums for honesty, and violet chrysanthemum for merry wish for wellness. When they are clustered together their beauty is out and we really can’t take our eyes out of it.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are a great choice for sympathy. Carnations are available in various colors but the standard one is being pinkish purple. White carnations stand for pure love, innocence, and good luck, red carnations for admiration and love, while pink carnations for remembrance.

Let this Christmas and New Year be filled with carnations beauty and to express your wishes and love to Send flowers to Abu Dhabi. Make your friends and family members enjoy these special occasions with marvelous carnation flowers.

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