Startling Causes Affecting Lung Health

Startling Causes Affecting Lung Health
  • Due to weak or weakened immune system your lungs can get affected by bacteria, fungus or their spores leading to variety of lung conditions including cancers
  • Randon, a break down product of uranium in rocks, soil, and water is one of the major causes of lung cancer
  • Fungus, insect droppings, dust mites, and harmful gases may be trapped in your carpet or domestic upholstery and harm your lungs
  • Farmers and gardening enthusiasts using pesticides frequently suffer asthma or COPD
  • Metal ions and other fine particles from burning fire crackers can cause heart and lung problems
  • Sodium Azide released when air bags are inflated may trigger asthma and breathing problems
  • Constant breathing of flour in the kitchen while baking can cause asthma (bakers’ asthma) and damage lungs
  • Nitrous oxide from home or industrial gas/oil/coal combustion can trigger inflammation and asthma
  • Cockroach poop can cause allergies and breathing problems and even asthma in kids
  • Particles from bird feather/ droppings can inflame lungs and can cause lung scarring over time
  • Mold growing on grain, hay or straw in farm can inflame lungs and can cause lung scarring over time
  • Fungus growing inside an air conditioners, humidifiers, heating systems can trigger asthma or allergy
  • Bacteria or fungus growing in bathrooms and bathtubs can enter your lungs through humidity created while showering and cause cough, fever and breathing problems
  • Chemicals released from burning paraffin candles can trigger asthma or even cancer

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