Spherical Plain Bearing – Capable To Handle Any Type Of Misalignments

Spherical Plain Bearing – Capable To Handle Any Type Of Misalignments

In industries these are various types of bearing are manufactured. These are especially designed for many different applications as per requirement of the application. Few of them are very tiny and some of them are very large as much up to nine feet long which is suitable for cranes or else are also used for the purpose to generate electricity. Every bearing is used for different functions.

Bearing are available in different design, structure and shapes which help the machinery to run fast. In this section, we will discuss about a type of bearing which is being used for over years for making the machinery more effective.

Structure and usage:

Spherical bearing is special kind of bearing which moves on its linear motion. The structure is very compact and easy to set up with ease and quick way. It is capable to resist with shock resistance power. It can accommodate rod or shafts with several misalignments that exist in operation. It is designed to handle large amount of radial and axial load with lower friction rate in comparison to other bearing. The bearing is lubricated and also does not require any specific maintenance at short intervals. It is manufactured in chrome steel, sheet steel, brass and polyamide, nylons, brass, plastic or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which is good in performance and low price range.

The spherical structure of bearing is very useful for many industries where the operation is vibratory type while process and in industries such as mining, Agricultural field, transportation and metallurgy.

And the other type of bearing is Pillow Block Bearing which is also called as plumber bearing due the design and structure of the bearing. It has capacity to take multiple loads which is designed for longer shaft. The material which is used in it is cast steel and cast iron which supports rotational shaft during process. It is widely used in those applications where spinning shaft is needed. Being lighter in weight, it is perfect for transmission system, ventilation system, Rolling Mills, motors etc.

Another hard core bearing category i.e. Angular contract bearing has rolling element which supports inner and outer races. It is non separable due to presence of lockable system. It is capable to carry axial load from one direction only. It is manufactured in material type like polyamide, stainless steel, brass which is reliable. It comes in single or double row design as per requirement and is widely used in aerospace, food machinery, in welding machinery and so on.

Be it for heavy duty application with presence of misalignments or any type of application, spherical plain bearing is ideal for smooth operation and excellent performance of machine. The bearing provides dynamic support system to ensure low friction.

Author Bio: The Author is a machine parts distributer based at Nasik, he shares that every bearing like spherical plain bearings is made to cater specific purpose and while choosing bearing a thorough understanding on requirement will give desired results.

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