Sparkle your brand image with custom jewelry packaging

Sparkle your brand image with custom jewelry packaging

When was the last time you indulged in jewelry shopping either for yourself or for someone else? Do you know someone who isn’t smitten by the sparkling items at jewelry shops? Humans are obsessed with shiny and valuable items. The love for jewelry goes a long way back. Ancient history is filled with civilizations infatuated with beautiful ornaments that displayed their class and wealth. Precious gems and stones were incorporated with artistic skills to craft attractive pieces of jewelry that inspired generations to come. Such artifacts are displayed in museums across the world and show the variation in designs according to the cultures they belong to. The Egyptians and Romans preferred gold while the British chose rare stones in making jewelry. This tradition and the desire for pretty ornaments only grew with time. Over time, as a result of industrialization and global awareness, people’s standard of living rose and so did the demand for valuable ornaments. People demanded these pieces of jewelry modified in all shapes, sizes utilizing various precious gemstones and metals. The definition of jewelry expanded to include watches, tiaras, ear cuffs, brooches, and many more. As a result of this, the jewelry industry saw a steep rise in the number of rivals in the market who used innovative tactics to make their products prominent and deliver top-notch services to customers.

How does packaging help in cutting competition?

The jewelry industry promises a twinkling future with annual sales set to touch $297 billion by the end of 2020. This industry is fast-growing and highly prone to change. From production units to consumer behavior; every trend needs to be followed closely by manufacturers to hold their ground in the market. Along with providing exceptional ornaments, the manufacturers need to promote their brand distinctively to give wholesome marketing feel to the customers. An important tool in achieving sales targets is by improving the packaging appeal of the products. Custom jewelry packaging provides an innovative promotional technique for elevating brand image. The jewelry industry produces luxury items and caters to people who are hoping to experience the exclusive services and premium feel of the products they are purchasing. The high price of these items makes it necessary that the packaging boxes meet customer expectations and give them good value for money. People who are buying expensive ornaments want to keep them safe in well-packaged boxes. Thus, sellers must choose packaging that resonated with their brand’s personality while providing strength and durability to match the essence of the items inside. Having distinct packaging boxes also serves as a portable advertisement for the brands by serving as moving billboards. For instance, the internationally renowned jewelry brand Tiffany & co. is still recognized for its blue jewelry boxes. If you wish your brand name and logo to have individualistic appeal, then availing of tailor-made packaging is the way to be.

Get simplified assistance for customizing boxes

It is important to partner with experts who have extensive knowledge about crafting unique packaging boxes. We pride in delivering high-quality jewelry boxes and printing premium packaging for over 20 years. Our in-house engineers and graphic designers resolve your confusion about creating the ideal boxes. Free of charge templates are also provided to enable manufacturers to choose the right designs for their products and make them shine among the competition. We offer a gamut of features that could enhance the appeal of these packaging boxes such as various combinations of gloss and matte laminations. Lavish coatings include gloss AQ, satin, varnish, spot UV, and flood UV to give a long-lasting finish to the jewelry boxes. Exclusive add-ons like embossing, foil stamping, debossing, die-cutting, and metallic inks can be incorporated for added impact. Additionally, window cutouts, ribbons & handles, scoring & gluing, and custom perforation give powerful visual effects. These boxes can be created in any custom shape, size, and color in line with the brand and its identity. Different cardstock thicknesses, corrugated stock, and stock thicknesses are available to clients so that they make the most suitable selection that goes well with their products. We manufacture a wide range of packaging products for valuable ornaments. Some of these are: • Flat jewelry cards with cutouts • Tent earring display cards • Freestanding necklace display cards • Hanging jewelry cards and • Other Custom shaped jewelry cards Moreover, cardboard boxes and rigid boxes with optional inserts can also be modified in custom dimensions to suit varying specifications. These rigid packagings are available in a lot of box types. Some of them are: • One Piece Boxes • Two Piece Boxes • Book Style Boxes • Collapsible or Foldable Boxes • Magnetic Lock Boxes • Match or Slide Style Boxes

Great value for money deals at your disposal

The key to effective promotions is cost-effectiveness. You don’t want to spend too much to avail of good quality packaging boxes and lower profitability of the business. We offer affordable boxes without comprising on quality. Our top-notch services have helped to cultivate a reliable repute in the market. We offer plenty of services free of cost such as free shipping and handling, free review of artwork submitted by manufacturers, a free sample can also be requested to evaluate the quality of packaging before placing actual orders. All boxes are printed separately and strictly supervised to curb the chances of error. The printing is done with premium inks to give enhanced results. Altogether, we offer the finest custom jewelry packaging to make your products sparkle even more. It is a unique opportunity to give your products the extra push to become dominant in the market and help escalate the sales volume. A one-of-a-kind packaging helps customers to spot the brand instantly anywhere they come across it. Our team of designers works extensively to make your dream packaging come alive. So, don’t ponder over the right printing partner and benefit from our expertise of over 20 years to craft distinctive packaging for your ornaments. Enable customer retention through meeting consumer expectations. You can get in touch with our 24/7 sales team to get started on this creative journey at once.

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