Some Food Customs To Steal From All Around The World

Some Food Customs To Steal From All Around The World

We often consult our friends and family when it comes to eating habits. But this knowledge might be limited if they come from the same culture and background. We live in a global village, where people are influenced by one another. When it comes to food, different cultures have different customs and traditions. Some of them are so inspiring and help to sustain a healthy mind and body. Whether you are at home, workplace or consuming your meal in food boxes, these customs are worth considering. The more healthy food customs we incorporate from all around the world, the more balance we can maintain. They give you more positivity and promote a healthy mode of living. Here we are going to discuss some of the food customs to steal from all around the world:

Pick up the Sticks

This custom has a Chinese origin. Using chopsticks makes you eat slower; this ultimately means that you will eat less. Whenever the food is presented in Chinese food to-go containers, always use chopsticks to eat the meal. This not only seems ethical but also beneficial for your health. You can easily open these tab locking boxes from the bottom and convert them to a plate. Chopsticks make you enjoy every bite of it slowly. Moreover, research has also concluded that the people who eat faster, face more chances of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Please your Palate

This food custom is stolen from France. A study found that French people associate food with pleasure. Although it is opposed to health, the country has a reduced rate of obesity and other diseases as compared to the U.S.A. on the other hand, Americans are more concerned about how healthy the food is, even though they get less pleasure out of eating. Therefore French suggests that despite filling your food packaging boxes with a large portion of “healthy” dessert, try a little portion of treat you love. This will not only prove beneficial for health but also provides a great sensory experience. Let us take the example of Macarons. They are sweet meringue-based French confection. The item is very delicious but rich in sugar. So French people suggest adding a small proportion of it in your cookie boxes instead of missing its taste completely.

Always go for Italian Version of Pizza

Pizza is one of the loved food items. People all over the world like to eat it when presented in a custom pizza box. But a few of them know the fact that it is extremely unhealthy to eat. A single slice of pizza contains a large amount of calorie intake. The pizzas we usually eat are the American versions i.e. extra cheesy, full of meat and a thick crust. If you want to go for a healthy choice, always select the Italian version of pizza or customize the one accordingly. They are more nutritional because of thin crust, less cheese, and more topping of vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, and pepper. They contain less calorie count which is often mentioned on the custom printed pizza boxes.

Never Use Hands

This custom is famous in many countries. Consuming food from hand is considered unethical. Even if you are presented with a food box filled with chicken drumsticks, still use a knife and a fork to eat them. Although it’s difficult but food should never be eaten by hands. To overcome this some of the popular brands have started providing eating utensils with their custom food packaging.

Practice (pro) portion Control

This tradition has its basis from Greece. All of us might be familiar with the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Almost all of the Mediterranean cuisines include lots of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes along with a small amount of meat, fish, chicken, dairy and olive oil. Even if you get a chance to enjoy their custom presentation boxes, you will find the same tradition throughout. Such food packaging has made it’s standard worldwide.

Cakes are Essentials

This custom introduced in some parts of America and spread all around the world. Cakes are considered an essential part of all celebrations. Whether its birthday or Christmas, New Year or wedding; the occasion seems incomplete without a cake. They add to the festivity of your event. Presenting them in attractive cake boxes has added to its value. The manufacturers pay special attention to custom box packaging to make it more enticing for the consumers. It is available in an array of styles like die-cut boxes, window boxes and gable food packaging. Slices of cake are also given as party favor. They are presented in beautifully designed pyramid favor boxes to delight the guests. Such wonderful traditions have made it special acceptance worldwide.

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