Solution for all your 2020 Ambulance Service Prior Authorization Problems

Solution for all your 2020 Ambulance Service Prior Authorization Problems

According to CMS using the prior authorization process will help in making sure that the services are provided in compliance with applicable Medicare coverage with the implementation of proper coding and payment rules before services are rendered to the beneficiaries and also even before claims submission for payment.  For a successful ambulance service prior authorization process, every healthcare provider needs experts that are well versed and are aware of the complete authorization knowledge about the patient’s need for ambulance services prior authorization.

This includes documents like Physician Certification Statement (PCS, Physician Mobility Assessment (PMA) and copies of sections of the medical record which may include but is not limited to physician’s History and Physical (H&P); physician’s Progress Notes; nurse’s Notes, physical Therapy Notes; respiratory Therapy Notes; wound Care Notes and prescriptions for pain medications etc. However, finding an expert for your ambulance service prior authorization in a cost-effective solution is quite a challenge.  But worry no more!

Freeing up your in-house staff authorization responsibility, PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to solve all your authorization initiation, approval and follow-up problems by taking care of the complete ambulance service prior authorization responsibility through: Gather all the vital information on medical procedure, patient, and provider Verify and validate all the prior auth requests with effective payer side communication Check the patient’s eligibility Initiate the auth request based on the payer mandates Checking all the auth status Collating relevant documents from the ordering physicians/follow up Providing additional information if any update the auth outcome in the PM/Billing system Submitting your prior authorization on the same day and increasing your authorization rate by 1.5-2x, PriorAuth Online has the ability to provide customized solutions seamless operation and revenue generation for your ambulance service prior authorization. In fact, PriorAuth Online benefits do not end here.

We also offer benefits like: Robust reporting according to the client protocol (daily/weekly/ monthly). Complete operational transparency with no cost account manager  No binding contract and no hidden extra charges Exceptional highest productivity metric at a low cost 100 satisfied clients with excellent industries references $1 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission No write-offs or adjustment are claims without the client’s consent  Therefore, leverage all the PriorAuth Online opportunities for your ambulance service prior authorization and experience a seamless authorization operation and way to financial improvement.

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