Should We Marry According to Kundali Matching?

As per Hindu mythology, Marriage is considered to be a very auspicious and important occasion in the life of the native. It is a very beautiful relationship, as two different individuals come together for a lifetime relationship. It’s a new journey on which the couple heads committing for a lifetime of love. Various rituals take place before Hindu marriage. But, the most crucial among them is Kundali Matching. Many of the Indian families get the birth charts of their children checked in detail to verify the compatibility between them and to ensure the success of their marriage. 

What is Kundali Matching? Why is Kundli Matching done? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions and much more… 

What is Kundli Matching?

It is one of the most ancient processes that is being followed by the Indian parents to find a suitable partner for their children. It involves matching the horoscopes of both the girl and the boy in a way that depicts the common points between them. It is also called as the Guna Milan test and considered to be very important before fixing up the marriage.

Minimum Gunas to Match for a Successful Marriage

It is said that for a marriage to be successful, the minimum gunas that match should be 18 out of 36. It gives the basic idea about the compatibility between the duo. Through this process, incompatibility can also be found out between the couple. The Kundali Matching score below than 18 is not considered viable. 

Benefits of Kundli Matching

Why You Should Get A Kundali Matching Report 

1) Compatibility between the two individuals: – The most important reason for matching the Kundli before fixing up the marriage is to check if the prospective bride & groom are compatible or not. It also checks if their life will be prosperous or not. There are different points allocated to the Gunas, and each point is the symbol of the different facet of life. It also depicts the way destiny and stars may affect each other. By Kundali matching process, conjugal harmony can be determined.

2) Career prospects & financial strength: – When two different individuals get together in the sacred relationship of marriage, the way planets move affect their lives to a great extent. The 7th Gun called Bhakoot out of the 8 Gunas is the indicator of this effect. When the Kundalis are being matched, you can know how this marriage can affect the career prospects and financial growth of the couple. 

3) Progeny & Health: – One important aspect that is seen through matching the Kundlis is if the children will be happy and healthy or not. The 8th and last guna is called Nadi has the maximum number of points, and it gives an indication about the offsprings and the possible problems (if any) about their birth. In Hindu culture, the family is considered complete only after the kids, and hence, parents want to ensure that the children should stay happy post their marriage.

4) The Doshas present in the Kundli: – At the time of the birth of the child, the exact time and the placement of the stars decide the destiny of the child. This factor has been proved by science and hence are considered extremely important. The time of the birth or the position of the stars at times causes particular Dosh in the Kundli in the birth chart of the person. The dosha can be Shani dosha, Mangal dosha, etc. and they may make the married life turbulent. The remedial action can be taken once these doshas can be found out. The expert astrologer can help in performing the specific pooja and certain remedies to mitigate the malicious effects. If the case is such when even remedies cannot work, then it is advised to refrain from the marriage.

5) A special remedy to make life better: – After the kundalis are matched, the expert astrologer can give suggestions about certain remedial Pooja Vidhi for the betterment of life. Even if the Kundli matches, it is advised to conduct certain pujas after a careful and detailed analysis of the Kundlis of the bride & groom is done. This ensures the long & happy married life of the couple.

However, when a couple is in true love with each other, then this piece of paper does not matter. Compatibility is better judged when the two people share their views and interests with each other. Various instances are popular when the couple was so much in love without matching the kundlis. Similarly, numerous instances are there where the marriages ended in a disaster despite the best Kundli matching. It is also said that if you have known someone for a long time, then Kundli matching is just a formality.

Things Missed During Kundli Matching.

Many astrologers ignore very important factors like quality of married life, a promise of children & lifespan of the partners. Only a few astrologers are adept at finding out the same and to get married, it is important that mutual vibes match and there is a mutual understanding between the duo. Even if there are challenges that can be foreseen in the Kundli, then also the marriage can be successful if the prospective partners are willing to stay with each other. Kundli Milan is simply not the full proof method of the success of marriage, yet it is performed because many things about one’s married life can be revealed through this method.

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