Send Lumba Rakhi Set to Kanpur Online on this Raksha Bandhan 

Send Lumba Rakhi Set to Kanpur Online on this Raksha Bandhan 

Rakha Bandhan is a special day for siblings who want to show their love towards their brother or sister. It becomes more special when you are able to meet your sister or brother but if it is not possible to meet in person you can surprise them by sending rakhi online. Due to technological development, you are able to buy amazing collections of rakhi with different types from online stores.

One such wonderful type of the rakhi is Lumba rakhi, which is mostly liked and preferred by wide ranges of the people. In recent days, the online stores are offering multiple designs of rakhi with gifts, chocolates, flowers, and many more. Here is some detailed information about Lumba Rakhi.

Types of Lumba Rakhi

1. Designer Lumba Rakhi

The designer Lumba rakhi is one of the latest designs of the Lumba rakhis. With its unique design and contemporary looks, it can steal your brother’s heart. Thus, if you are from Kanpur then the Lumba rakhi online is a perfect choice that you can get easily via the online rakhi delivery in Kanpur

2. Jewelled Lumba Rakhi

This is another best type of the Lumba Rakies and specifically designed for brothers. Probably it looks like a bracelet and perfectly suitable for ethnic as well as western outfits over traditional outfits. Choose the best design of jeweled Lumba rakhi for your siblings and enjoy the rakhi delivery in Kanpur.

3. Zardosi Lumba Rakhi

In order to surprise your sister in law with rakhi, the best option is choosing the Zardosi Lumba rakhi. It is crafted with beautiful detail, so it will definitely surprise your bhabhi. 

4. Panchaglee Lumba Rakhi

This type of rakhi set is generally suitable for newly married women, which are the combination of small rakhi, big rakhi, baju band, ring, and a bangle. It is considered as auspicious to give a gift to a new bride in the house.

5. Stone Lumba Rakhi

Stone Lumba Rakhi is designed with beautiful stones in vibrant colors and the design of the rakhi resembles stone studded jewelry. This is why it is the best option when it comes to the Lumba Rakhi for bhabhi. 

  1.     Pearl Lumba Rakhi

Embellished with luminous pearls, pearls of Lumba rakhi indicate grace and the style designed in traditional way. No one could take their eyes off, so your loving bhabhi deserves this on a special day, so start a day with its beautiful rakhi. 

Why choose Lumba Rakhi Sets?

This is a common question asked by so many people. The Lumba rakhi is more special among all other rakhis as it helps to keep the relationship strong between brothers and sisters and family as well. The people believe such a fact without any doubts so that it becomes an auspicious significance. Apart from that, it comes with exceptional and completely unique designs and styles and all of them are available at an affordable price in the online stores. The Luma rakhi is designed with pearls, chains, and even diamonds and gold so it will be the best rakhi on a special day. 

Significance of Lumba Rakhi

1.  It symbolizes the unity of the family when it is tied with the siblings

2  The Lumba rakhi is considered as a symbol of a long and happy married life 

 3. Tying Lumba rakhi a woman to another man other than brothers indicates that she accepted him as the better half and ready to take part in rituals and other ceremonies with him.

Enjoy the free shipping of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts from online stores

One of the best advantages of purchasing a rakhi online portal is that you are able to send rakhi to any corner of the world in a smooth way. Also, there is no need to spend extra money on shipping because the online portal offers free shipping for rakhi and rakhi gifts. 

Thus make use of the web portal to order rakhi online and enjoy the festival with a collection of memorable moments and happiness.

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