Selecting a Private Party Venue: 5 Tips To Help You Make The Right Decision

Selecting a Private Party Venue: 5 Tips To Help You Make The Right Decision

Organizing a birthday party, wedding, engagement, or any kind of event is a hectic task. One has to make several important decisions that will, directly or indirectly, impact the quality of the event. Choosing a private party venue is one such decision that directly impacts the quality of the event you are organizing. The venue will impact all other factors, like the date, catering, and the experience of the guests attending the party.

While it might feel intimidating to select the right private party venue, it is not that difficult, especially if you follow certain guidelines. This article will give you key tips to help you select the right private party venue for your event.

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing Private Party Venues

These tips will help you decide what to consider, when to make the final decision, and how to do things better while choosing a venue for your event.

1. Location of the Venue:
In all probability, you have already considered this factor. If the event you are hosting is a local one, then look for private party venues that are easy to reach for most attendees. If most of the attendees on your list are out-of-town guests, then choose a venue that is close to the airports or the hotel they are staying at. Whatever might be the case, do not forget to take into account parking options, traffic, and transportation while choosing the venue.

You can go one step further and take advantage of technology to ensure that your guests do not get lost while searching for the venue. You can provide all your guests with an event app that features driving directions, GPS enabled maps, real-time shuttle/parking information, etc. This will help people navigate the roads much more easily and reach the venue on time. Such apps are very helpful if the event is being hosted inside a large institute or campus.

2. Is Parking Available?
A venue with a spacious parking lot is preferable as most of your guests will probably arrive in cars and need a place to safely park their vehicles. In case the venue you have chosen does not come with parking space, look for parking lots that are located near the venue that the attendees and guests can have access to. If neither is available, there are a few alternatives that you can try out.

You can go ahead and book nearby parking lots for your guests and include the additional costs in the event tickets or ask the attendees to pay for the parking.
Offer Lyft or Uber promo codes to the guests attending the event, so that they can use the discounts and not bring their car to the event.
Provide an option for the attendees to share a cab or ride with each other. In case the event you are hosting is a conference, this might be quite beneficial as sharing a cab ride will give them a chance to interact with each other on the way over.

3. Amenities and Services Offered:
There are four major services and amenities that you must look for when selecting a private party venue:

Commercial Kitchen and Catering:
If the private party venue you have chosen has a commercial kitchen and can provide catering services for the event then you can just make the down payment for booking the venue along with the cost of food. Private party venues that offer catering services often waive the facility fee if the host agrees to hire the catering service as well. Even if the venue does not provide for catering services, it may partner up with a third party caterer which you can use. However, check the taste and quality of the food beforehand so as not to mar the experience of the attendees at the event.

Does the Venue Provide Chairs, Tables, and Linens?
If the private party venue offers the above-mentioned items, then it will be much more cost effective than renting these from another supplier.

Does the Venue have Their Own Cleaning Crew?
If the private party venue you have chosen offers setup and cleaning services, then you are very lucky, as this isn’t always the case with all venues. In case these services are not offered, then hire your own cleaning crew or get volunteers to do the tasks required to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Does the Venue Come with AV Capabilities?
Whether you are hosting a wedding, a corporate event, or a kids’ birthday party, music and video are an indispensable part of any event. So, check beforehand if the private party venue comes with in-built AV equipment for events.

4. Capacity and Minimums at the Venue:
The first thing you need to consider is the capacity of the private event venue you are thinking of renting. If the number of guests invited to the event is 500, then you cannot rent a venue with a 250-person capacity, no matter how beautiful the place is. Secondly, check if the venue abides by the fire and safety codes of the area.

Layout of the Venue:
Booking the right venue is generally done at the beginning of the event planning process. However, if at that stage you have a rough idea of the kind of activities you will be organizing at private party venue, then you must ensure that the venue offers the required amenities and all the items needed to fulfill the basic needs of your guests.

Therefore, consider the floor plan of all the private party venues on your list and visit them physically at least once before selecting the final one. This will allow you to see the layout of the venue and decide where everything should be set up – tables, chairs, the bar – so as to conduct the event in a smooth and comfortable manner.

In Conclusion:
There are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration while choosing a private party venue for an event. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will make the selection process easier and help you plan a beautiful and memorable event without many challenges getting in the way.

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