Education · January 11, 2021

Scope of Learning Italian in India – Everything You Need To Know

Learning the Italian language in India has a number of benefits that one can leverage for both personal and professional life. With the globalization of education and opportunities in India and abroad, there are a lot of foreign language courses in India that have gained huge popularity over the past decade. These foreign language courses and training are offered by some of the best foreign language companies and universities in India.

Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the scopes of learning the Italian language in India. But we start let’s talk about some interesting facts that will surely convince you to join a Foreign language learning company.

Italian, a part of the Romance language family, has over 90 million speakers around the world out of which 70 million are native speakers. It is the Latin language that represents two different languages — vulgar Latin and classical Latin. The popularity of the Italian language has sprouted from its beauty, Roman history, literature, military, and the one-of-a-kind culture that Italy brings.

Today, Italy is spoken as an official language in Vatican City, Switzerland, San Marino, and of course, Italy. It doesn’t stop there though. It’s also a minority spoken-language in Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and more.

If you’re planning to learn Italian and want to explore Italian-speaking countries, then the good news is- you can easily learn Italian Language. Believe me!

Why Learn Italian in India?

Want to make your career in India and foreign countries? Here are the 6 Amazing Advantages of acquiring the Italian language.

  1. Broaden Your Cultural Horizon

Did you know, some of the most famous artists, authors, and ports, including Da Vinci, Dante, and Michelangelo are from Italy. They have made the country beautiful and famous. The Italian language has a rich culture that has been witnessed by millions of tourists. This language is being studied in a different part of the world because of its extraordinary richness, culture, modern lifestyle, and strength.

  1. It’s An Easy Language To Learn

Certainly, the Italian language may sound diverse when you hear somebody talking. The articulations are extraordinary, the way of life is unique, and the individuals are additionally extraordinary. However, the language is not as hard as you think. One can easily learn, speak, and understand the Italian language.

If you have knowledge of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese language then you will find a lot of similarities and make your learning easy and fast. But all you need to do is regular practice, that’s why Italian is known as the easiest language to learn for English speakers.

  1. Good Job Profiles

Talking about specific job profiles as per the various industries in India that are open for foreign language experts. There are many that provide you with a good job opportunity in the field of a foreign language. With the Italian language, you can find a lot of opportunities in various sectors like an embassy, BPO, IT companies, tourism, hotels, and more in India or other Italian-speaking countries. Moreover, you can also do freelancer, content writer, translator, online Italian language classes, and editor job sitting at the comfort of home.

  1. Networking

Spanish language classes help you build a good network as the classes attract people from varied backgrounds. Students can also interact with fellow students from different courses, exchange knowledge base, and pick up new skills. It will provide you a cross-cultural experience and a better understanding of the world around you.

  1. Make your Brain Healthier

It developers strong brainpower and changes in personality when an individual switches to another language. Thus a bilingual person often shows different personality traits when speaking in different languages. As per the various studies, that knowing more than one language helps exercise parts of the brain and makes them more resilient. Thus learning a new language can help you with a healthier brain.

  1. Make Travel Easy To Italy

Whether it is a vacation, job, business tour, or honeymoon, traveling to Italy is a dream for many. As you learn how to speak the Italian language, the forefront of your thoughts will be when your next trip to Italy will be. Besides, what right way to truly check your Italian skills and put them to good use than experiencing Italy itself? As per the tourists who visited Italy, April to October is the best time to travel to Italy. However, no need to wait if you really love Italy and want to use Italian in real life.


Learning Italian opens the doors of opportunities in India and foreign countries. You can learn Italian language with the best foreign language learning company in India and make your way to the different parts of the Italian speaking countries.