Say Goodbye to extra pounds by changing these bad habits!

Say Goodbye to extra pounds by changing these bad habits!

If you gradually developed a habit of wolfing down your meal! Later it can cost you the addition of some unwanted kilos. Yes, you read it correct! When you are a weight loss spree, even the most unnoticeable habit can derail your diet. There are myriads of unhealthy habits that sneak into your daily routine without even realising it and the most appropriate way to tackle them is through proper identification.

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Here we discuss the most common eating habits that can easily sabotage your constructive weight loss efforts:

Stop consuming a mixture of different types of carbohydrate

Having the right food at the right time is just as important as choosing the right items to eat, especially when you are aiming for weight loss. Strictly avoid combining different carbs such as chapati and rice, noodles and pasta etc. These combinations can gradually lead to unwanted weight gain. So, it’s highly advisable, stick to a single carbohydrate diet as combining different carbs can lead to weight gain.

Avoid overeating

Anything in excess is always bad for you. Many people make the common mistake of considering that pulses, chapati and curd are healthy, no matter how much quantity you consume inside the body.  While these food products are definitely good for your health, mixing them together and eating in large portions can end up being harmful. Extra calories intake can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

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Make water your best friend

Before every meal has a glass of water, this will truly help you to satiate your craving and allow you to keep a check on your calorie intake. Having a glass of water before meals helps to trick your stomach into believing that it is completely full. Your weight loss journey can become a lot easier if you make the right eating choices. How you schedule and mix your food is just as important as what you choose to keep in your diet.


Reducing and managing weight can be made quite simple if you are armed with the correct piece of information. It is not always about working out at the gym, your diet also portrays a major role. You can easily plan and order your diet menus from the best online platform in London. From Online Cake in London to a wide range of diet-friendly savoury dishes, you can order anything at your doorstep! So, what are you waiting for! Order Now!

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