Sample Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful Parallel Design

Sample Kitchen Cabinets Beautiful Parallel Design

Cities thriving over time forcing people to move to smaller living spaces. High-rise buildings appear with different architectures and shapes, designed to suit urban infrastructure. Because of that, the space of the apartments is also constantly changing over time and different locations. From narrow, large spaces to apartments with low ceilings or more lengthy. Interior designers must be flexible, changing daily to research out products that are suitable for each type of customer and each type of space.

Beautiful parallel kitchen cabinet design is the answer to the current problems of furniture. The owners of the apartment space are narrow and inclined in length, want to save maximum space and still own the ideal kitchen. The ideal kitchen here is where your kitchen is optimized, with convenient and easy-to-use equipment layout.

Design of parallel kitchen cabinets

Parallel shaped kitchen is a design of kitchen cabinets with two systems arranged parallel and symmetrical. Normally, one side will be utilized as the kitchen area, while the other side will be arranged with sinks and food storage (refrigerator, dry storage, …). Or vice versa, one side has the sink and stove, the other side is only for food storage. The space in the middle will be the place to move and perform cooking of housewives. The designers will calculate that this space fluctuates at least 120cm so that housewives can comfortably operate without entangling the furniture.

If your apartment space is designed in such a way that you have to go through the kitchen to go to other spaces such as the garden, balcony or living room. Then the minimum size of this space must be 120cm wide. On the other hand, you can also arrange the kitchen space that is not connected to other spaces in the house (the kitchen will be full on one end, usually located in the last part of the house). With this design, the homeowner can take advantage of the space between the kitchen to install the kitchen island, multiplying the food storage area in the kitchen. If the kitchen space is long and the kitchen end has a window, the kitchen island or mini bar should be placed at the end, close to the window. At this point, you can take advantage of the remaining space to make a convenient and very creative dining table.

Advantages of parallel kitchen cabinet design

The indispensable advantage of parallel kitchen cabinets is the benefit of optimizing your kitchen space. More specifically is the sophistication in the layout of the key areas of the kitchen according to the principle of the ‘golden triangle’. ‘Golden triangle ‘between three cooking areas, sinks and food storage helps housewives minimize the moving area during cooking. On the other hand, it helps homeowners to manage the cooking areas well, saves time on food processing and also time to search for ingredients and equipment.

The kitchen is divided into separate, independent areas that do not affect each other. Housewives can flexibly decorate and store each specific device and item for each specific area. Thanks to that, the cooking process is not interrupted. Other members of the family who do not often cook or come to the house can easily use the kitchen, ensuring safety for users as well as for the apartment.

Because of the minimalist shape, parallel kitchen cabinets can easily be customized to a long and short size to suit the kitchen space that the homeowner wants. Not consuming too much construction time as well as cost is a commendable plus point of this design.

If you own a simple apartment space, the kitchen cabinet design in parallel with acrylic material will help support the aesthetics of your kitchen space. The gloss comes from the materials and the designers’ choice of bright, dynamic colors will make you happy. Parallel kitchen cabinets with a modern, minimalistic shape make your kitchen look more premium but still no less aesthetic.

Beautiful parallel kitchen cabinet design

Here, we invite you to join us to refer to the beautiful parallel kitchen cabinet designs with different colors and materials, suitable for the interior of each apartment.

Above are the information as well as the most popular parallel kitchen models currently. If you also own a long and narrow apartment, and are in need of a kitchen cabinet design. Contact World Moc Furniture for advice to help you quickly get the most suitable beautiful kitchen cabinets.

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