Home Decor · February 25, 2021

Sample beautiful sapele wooden kitchen cabinet in L-shaped

Currently, The Gioi Moc interior design company has a wide variety of wooden kitchen cabinets products such as natural wood and industrial wood. However, the natural wood product line is being chosen by a lot of households and are very satisfied with the products that we have designed. Prominent is the product of sapele wooden kitchen cabinet in L-shaped.

A house or apartment is considered beautiful, luxurious and comfortable, it is indispensable to basic interior equipment. And kitchen cabinets are one of the indispensable furniture products in every family. Beautiful kitchen cabinets will bring to the kitchen space charming beauty, a feeling of prosperity and cozy for the entire space of the house.

Understand the psychology and needs of customers, the furniture companies have come up with beautiful designs with different materials and colors. At the same time, there is a variety of prices, so consumers with a moderate income can also choose a kitchen cabinet like their family.

Here, invite you to refer to the beautiful L-shaped kitchen cabinets made from sapele wood which are most popular on the market today.

Design style and comfort of the product

The product is designed in the stylized style of the letter L, unlike the conventional L-shaped designs, the product has a very unique design that creates a new feeling to the viewer.

Featuring luxurious and mysterious black tones, the product stands out completely on the white wall tones.

The above kitchen cabinets are installed separately according to each position, providing a more airy feeling because if the local design of the kitchen cabinet is associated with black, it will make the kitchen space become dark.

The surface of the lower kitchen cabinet is stone with a bright color that will reduce the darkness and heat of the black kitchen cabinet and is also a very special highlight and taste.

The horizontal drawers and the scene at the bottom kitchen bring convenience when taking or storing items for users.

In addition, with an L-shaped design like this, there will be an island, which functions as a dining table for the whole family.

The L-shaped design helps housewives easily move in the kitchen area, both airy and saving space for the room.

Come to The Gioi Moc furniture to choose kitchen cabinets that match the family’s house style. Being an interior design company on the market with a team of experienced engineers will bring you the best and most beautiful kitchen cabinets.

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