Lifestyle · December 26, 2022

Safeguard Your Space With ViroKill Furniture

We all have learned the importance of hygiene and disinfection of surfaces after we have lived through the covid pandemic. Especially when there are children in a household, sanitation, and disinfection become a part of household chores. Given the fragile health of your family, you would never wish to see your loved ones in a hospital.

If making your home germs-free is an integral part of your household chore, then why let the germs settle on the surface of your furniture in the first place? Let the furniture do the disinfecting job for you. Buy your furniture and flooring made from CenturyPly’s plywood with Virokill technology. Virokill is a novel technology exclusively used by CenturyPly in their plywood.

What exactly is Virokill technology?

It is the revolutionary art of chemical composition which comprises antibacterial properties. The technology is based on an A-4 total safety protection mechanism. The surface of the plywood uses nanoparticles that initiate the surface disinfection treatment. Virokill is the name given to this technology by the company.

As the name suggests, ViroKill technology kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, funguses, and any other microbes that come in contact with the surface of the plywood or laminates. At the microscopic level, the nanoparticles activate and penetrate the protective membrane of these microbes and destroy the germs to their core, leaving no traces behind. Any microbe that comes in contact with the nanoparticle gets annihilated.

Properties of VIroKill Technology

  • Virokill on the surface of the plywood lasts forever.

As long as the surface of the furniture is not chemically or physically damaged, then Virokill will be effective till the end of time. the nanoparticles on the surface will remain at the same density. These particles are intertwined in a system called a polymer matrix, which holds antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The technology is resistant to mildly high temperatures. The chemical composition of nanoparticles remains unaffected by temperatures higher than normal. Even the UV radiation of the sunlight does not harm the polymer matrix. Even if there is water engulfing microbes, it can’t be protected from the virokill technology.

  • Virokill does not harm humans

The chemical used in the creation of this technology is non-toxic and safe to touch. The company made sure that the chemicals present do not trigger any allergies or physical reactions in people.

Products from CenturyPly underwent comprehensive examination at one of the most prominent testing facilities, the Mumbai-based Biotech Testing Services (BTS). given below is the test that BTS carries out in order to test the efficacy of the technology:

  • According to the international standard ISO 21702:2019, a test for antiviral efficacy is conducted for a particular list of viruses. The test findings attest to the 99.99% of success rate in effectively killing viruses when they come in contact with the surface. Two products of CenturyPly, plywood and laminates produced positive results when manufactured with the Technology.
  • According to the worldwide JIS Z 2801:2010 standard, tests for antimicrobial efficacy have been completed successfully. The test examined the surface for its antifungal and antibacterial properties against prespecified microorganisms. 

Key takeaway points

The sturdy build and virokill technology incorporated in the CenturyPly plywood, make it the best Plywood for furniture. By introducing the technology for the consumer, the company has essentially solved the problem of constantly disinfecting the surface of the furniture. It is a boon for people with germaphobia.

CenturyPly is always on the lookout for technologies that keep on changing the lives of their customers for the better.