General · November 15, 2019

Sabarimala Verdict: Women Can Visit The Shrine, But No Security Will Be Provided Says Government

MirchiPataka : With the Supreme Court’s verdict to defer the petitions to a larger bench, the September verdict to allow women of all ages to the temple will still remain in effect. But will women go to have the darshan is a bothering question? Activists are threatening not to allow women aged between 10 to 50 years from going to visit the temple, the Kerala government appears to be determined to avoid a confrontation.

The LDF government described the Supreme court’s verdict as very complex and refused to inform how it is going to handle the situation. When questioned about the safety of women pilgrims visiting the shrine Law Minister AK Balan said that they won’t be providing any special security for visiting women. This decision is in contradiction with previous years’ decisions where they provided security to some women who visited the shrine.