Romantic Getaway Destinations A Forest Or Nature Lover Can Choose This Republic Day

Romantic Getaway Destinations A Forest Or Nature Lover Can Choose This Republic Day

This comprehensive post shall narrate about two romantic getaway destinations, a forest or nature lover can choose this republic day. So, here’s presenting which one you should select.

National parks are iconic symbols of a country representing its diverse culture, rich history, and anticipating future. Additionally, it’s a symbol of freedom, nature’s beauty, and everything in between. Ask any forest lover or nature enthusiast about the importance of national parks or wildlife sanctuaries. They will come up with rich phrases about its significance in the travelling universe.

Not just for the travel world, a national park symbolises a connection between Mother Nature and its creatures (animals, birds, and surrounding greenery). Are you planning weekend getaways this Republic day? If this Republic Day you’re planning to set your soul for a magical experience, ensure either of the two destinations. Here’s presenting the overview of Jim Corbett National Park and Ranthambore National Park, so that you can plan for either of the two. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to Jim Corbett National Park

In the state of Uttarakhand, houses this national park. Jim Corbett is the destination that deserves a special mention for its diverse flora and fauna. From spotting majestic tiger, catching crucial sporting fish, to trekking on the trails of Almora, it’s a perfect destination!

Enjoy the romantic sight of exotic flowers and their fragrance and tune into nature with a whiff of fresh air. If you want to know more about weekend getaways holidays packages, you can consider Jim Corbett for a reasonable and drivable getaway plan. As of now, here’s a bit of the historical importance of this national park.

  • It’s one of India’s oldest national park
  • It got established in the year 1936
  • It formerly was Hailey National Park
  • Its primary motto was only to protect endangered tigers of Bengal
  • It’s in Pauri Garhwal
  • It’s home to more than 650 species
  • It’s at a slightly elevated level, and the elevations vary from one point to the other

An Introduction to Ranthambore National Park

At 13.5 kilometres of distance away from Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur, lies Ranthambore National Park. It’s at the juncture of Vindhya and Aravali hills. Visiting this national park is an outstanding way to get the sight of animals. The park is within an area of 200 square kilometres. When the area gets combined with Sawai, it is around 500 square kilometres. Dotted with ancient structures, the national park reminds one of the bygone days of India.

There are many water bodies scattered around the park. These water bodies give perfect relief to wild animals during the scorching summer days. The park has got its name after a fort. The area houses scattered ruins of the past days all around the national park. The sights of the ruins are best to get a beautiful mix of history, nature, and, most importantly, wildlife. Ranthambore National park is home to tigers that even hunt in views of travellers. If you are planning for luxuries weekend getaways packages this Republic day, here’s an overview of the national park.

  • It originally was familiar as Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary
  • You can visit a slew of place en route to the national park
  • The place spans over 392 km² area
  • It comprises around 539 species of exotic flowering plants
  • The park’s flora includes open grassy meadow and dry deciduous forests
  • It is rich and diverse in biodiversity
  • One can find two amphibian species here: common Indian toad and common frog
  • In the year 1973, it was one prominent Project Tiger reserves of the country
  • In 1980, it got its significance as one of the national parks of India
  • One can find a horde of royal Bengal tigers here
  • The forest stands at the height of 700 feet atop the hill
  • The most surprising fact is it was one of the royal hunting grounds formerly

An Endnote

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