Role of Technology in the Mining Industry – Socrates Vasiliades

Role of Technology in the Mining Industry – Socrates Vasiliades

Technology has an important role to play in every sphere of human life. We are living in times, where we are finding ourselves more and more dependent on different technologies; which keep on getting better with the changing times. Effective use of a certain set of technologies can make any economy; the best economy in the world. It is indeed, the richest countries, who are having breakthroughs in every type of industry. This is why some of the industry experts like Socrates Vasiliades believe that the economy of a country largely depends on its participation in the technological advancements in different industries and one such important industry is the Mining industry, where technology has a significant role to play because of the difficulties that it may bring with itself, if we thought to do it all on our own sidelining the machines or for that matter, technology used to run the machines.

Below are some of the technologies that have the potential to transform the mining industry.

Robotic Technology:

Robotic technology has an important role to play in the mining industry in the coming years although it has not been used and employed to fullest in the current mining operations around the globe. It is likely to be used more in the future as robotic devices having some artificial intelligence can perform difficult tasks such as drilling, blasting and rescuing trapped miners. “The deployment of robots ensures the lesser human life losses allowing them to enter the areas where humans have a potential danger of life or they can’t enter because of some other reasons”, as simply put by Vasiliades.


They can be helpful because of their ability to assess the large area of the ground quickly and notifying immediately about obstacles that may slow down the operation. They are used to evaluate the terrain, inspecting types of equipment, video graphing blasts, etc.

Automated Drilling:

Automated drills are very useful as they ensure the safety of the mining personals besides improving efficiency. The best part of the automated drilling technology lays in the fact that it decreases the chances of human life loss as operators can carry out their drilling operations from a distance without entering any hazardous area besides letting them see the real-time videos and data communications as it gets continuously displayed on a screen installed at the operator center.

Advanced Shaft and Tunnel Boring Machines:

The advanced shaft and tunnel boring machines are becoming popular as conventional shaft and boring systems are getting more challenged and expensive. Hence the advanced systems can be used to dig underground at a greater speed which further decreases time and cost in constructing underground mines.


Technology is playing an important role in every aspect of our life as it promises to make our life easy and comfortable. All countries are competing against one another to be more technologically sophisticated than others in every industry possible and one such industry is the Mining Industry, where technology has a greater role to play because of the potential hazards associated with it. Some of the main technologies that are likely to have greater use in the mining industry in the coming years include robotic technology, automated drones, and drilling besides making use of sophisticated and advanced shaft and tunnel-boring systems as predicted by Socrates.

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