Role of accountants to counter climate change

Role of accountants to counter climate change

Climate change is not something anyone is unaware of. Global temperature is rising steeply every year after the era of the industrialization revolution.  Leaders are coming together from all over the globe to address this critical issue because it doesn’t even affect the business but also entering into professional losses. Operations are getting costlier day by day because of the increased demand for fossil fuels. The more we use fossil fuels, the more climate change goes in a negative graph. It has been found in a study that they might be a shrink of global GDP by $72 trillion if the situation goes with the same speed as today with an increase of 4.5°C. Without going much into detail on how a small change of climate can impact your business, it is high time to use all the resources by contributing the efforts of your accountants. With the ultimate goal to limit climate change, leaders from 189 countries came together in Paris agreement to reduce the global greenhouse emission and limit the temperature to 2 degree Celsius. With more webinars and media coverage, companies are introspecting their operation usage and practice the rules to create a minimum carbon footprint on the ground level. Your team will only put effort when the entire planning is coordinated and strategically achievable. Companies and business owner can take help from their accountants to make strategies which will suit the working condition. Accountants have the power to create a full-proof plan to reduce wastage by numbers and make this earth a much better and healthier place to live.

Measures then act

You can’t change something which you can’t measure. It creates the difference between yesterday from today. Sit with your accountant to get an economic, social and business risk analysis. After the analysis, it will be easy to set the benchmark to follow. Measure your company backend, shipping operations and how much resources you can cut down without hampering the quality of work.


With no one-fit-all-size-approach, every company has to make its unique way to counter climate change. Possibilities are what climate change scheme is working for a traveling company won’t fit for the accounting outsourcing firms. From the initiative to mitigate the climate-related cost, it is necessary to take the right approach. The whole idea is to make the internal policies by balancing and measuring long-term economic changes. Make sure policies that you are creating with your accountants must not be costlier while you implement it.

Carbon Footprint

Every time you use a form of carbon like fuel, paper or just wood, it will create an additional footprint on the climate. If you want to know how much carbon footprint you generate, you will be surprised to know that half of them you can eliminate easily and burden the earth less. You can also calculate your carbon footprint here.  Accountants can take a collaborative approach and help to conduct an internal audit to understand the carbon measurements produced by the business and can provide emission reduction plans with cost estimates. AcoBloom International as an accounting outsourcing company not only supports but takes steps to reverse climate change. We also amplify our workflow to develop meaningful and assessable solutions to the accounting industry.


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