Business · November 4, 2022

ROI and a BigCommerce SEO Agency

Oftentimes, investments are evaluated on the terms of their ROI, both supposed and real. Some investments are larger than others. 

For instance, take a potential investment in a BigCommerce SEO agency. This can represent a sizable investment. 

But how can it pay off? Let’s take a look at some of the ways. 

1. Increased online visibility 
Far and away, the single greatest advantage of hiring a BigCommerce SEO agency has got to be the potential you stand to gain in terms of online visibility. 

The whole point of SEO is to make a website more attractive to a search engine so it earns more favorable organic search engine rankings. The more a website’s organic traction increases for competitive keywords, the more impressions it will earn.

That improves a website’s online visibility and can have surprisingly impactful effects on brand awareness and buzz. 

And, in case, you were wondering, there are additional benefits to increased online visibility, namely: 

2. Driving traffic (organic) as well as sales and conversions
When organic visibility increases, typically organic traffic does too. This is a huge bonus because organic traffic is the most sustainable way to support an eCommerce business in the long run (regardless of which eCommerce platform it is built on).

Most importantly, it is critical to hire a qualified agency to implement your SEO campaign because in order to turn those impressions into clicks, you need to target keywords that are associated with the proper search intent. Otherwise, people may see the listing but simply not click. 

That said, when organic traffic does increase and targeting has been well established, typically what happens is that organic sales and conversions increase, which contribute to an eCommerce business’s bottom line.

3. Diminished reliance on paid search avenues 
Here’s a fact for you: apparently, up to 94% of people intentionally skip right over paid search ads. While PPC can be a great way to grow business, that is a damning statistic. 

It also means if you don’t develop an organic strategy sooner rather than later, you’re going to be missing out on the most cost-effective, sustainable, and downright profitable way to grow business, which is through SEO. 

Just to be clear: a majority of digital marketers are in consensus that search engine optimization (SEO) offers the best ROI of all digital marketing channels. Someone should tell that to Google.

4. An improved UX
Finally, and though it is a secondary effect of hiring a BigCommerce SEO agency, the UX of your website will probably improve, which will encourage more sales and conversions. 

The reason for this is that many ranking signals which are tied to SEO are also related to the user experience. For instance, mobile-friendly themes, a reasonable internal link structure, high-quality, informative on-page content, site security, and fast load speeds can all contribute to SEO. 

It should hardly be surprising then that when the one benefits so does the other – and therefore, hiring a BigCommerce SEO agency can be one of the most impactful things you can do to boost both for your online store. 

If Those Aren’t Tangible Benefits of Hiring a BigCommerce SEO Agency, We Don’t Know What Are 
From improving brand awareness to cutting your reliance on paid search advertising, there are innumerable ways that a BigCommerce SEO agency will pay for itself – if you hire the right one. 

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