Revolution and Benefits of Artificial intelligence in 2020

Revolution and Benefits of Artificial intelligence in 2020

The eCommerce industry is set to gross $700 billion by 2022. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in eCommerce itself is set to create smart online portals that are user friendly, safe and profitable in many ways possible.

Artificial intelligence is the ‘in’ topic in the digital universe. It offers all industries with top of the line, innovative and smart solutions in business. It adds an array of valuable elements and features to all online commerce platforms with ease.

Brand performance and user experience are now balancing themselves as both artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping to change the redundant and burdensome working pattern across businesses and organizations. Manufacturers, retailers, digital start-ups and software firms are among those who have set a new example in their respective arenas.

However, competition among businesses for customers and clientele is harsh. Brands are consequently enabling artificial intelligence (A.I) for work in their respective enterprises. AI itself is one of the fastest technological breakthroughs ever to happen, thanks to an array of smart solutions changing the landscape of e-commerce.

Also, advancements in newer technologies have helped bring changes to the current landscape of eCommerce itself.

Integrating AI in the eCommerce industry has helped improve the marketing standard. Hence, AI-based mobile and web applications can identify patterns, data sets, and help create a personalized experience for shoppers and users alike (thanks to top notch mobile app development).

Through this, eCommerce firms can create a unique approach which is more effective than conventional techniques. A team of app developers Toronto have raised their ante today, in this regard.

AI has thus empowered users with a high-tech out of the box experience in websites, stores, voice assistants, chatbots, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Such development has made consumers contact any brand’s service team any time by any means. Since its inception, AI has disrupted eCommerce with innovative solutions.

Let us have a look at a few benefits of AI in eCommerce this year:

1. The creation of an advanced visual search engine

An advanced visual search engine was made possible thanks to artificial intelligence, and it happened in the eCommerce industry. It is an exciting trend helping users find they need and want in less than a few clicks.

Artificial intelligence helps enable visual search. Users can get the needed relevant search results by means of an image. Here, an image can be helpful to help find the best fit in size, the desired color and the best quality to identify products, their associated brands and names on search engines (including the organizations that made them). Based on the image, the user can achieve the desired outcome.

2. Creating personalized recommendations

AI helps in creating free and suggested recommendations either by pop-ups, text & predicting what the user searches. The product related to search query is tracked carefully and accordingly, the most appropriate suggestion comes to the user.

Thus, product recommendation has given users a customized and personalized touch experience. This has been achieved through proper search engine analysis through AI which has also helped identify user tastes and preferences relevant to their favorite brands.

Product recommendations users receive is simply a reflection of their online search activities regarding products on certain sites as well as their past online purchase patterns. This thus helps users find what they are looking for. 

Consequently, users rate brands, their goods & services highly which is then related directly to their return on investment (RoI).

3. The era of voice assistants

Technology’s progress helps make shopping experience (both offline and online) worth the buck. AI offers interactive and entertaining solutions to customers (and businesses alike). For customers, voice assistants help drive smooth user engagement and experience on a real-time basis. The giant firms of the tech industry are giving users voice assistants for the sake of improved analysis and recommendations.

eCommerce websites are making full use of voice assistant helping users avoid typing in product search. This gives them a more human and personal touch to the online shopping experience.

4. Creation of automated product descriptions

Automated product descriptions provide the following benefits:

  • The ability to create multiple details in an hour.
  • Product descriptions written carefully including details in demand.
  • AI can analyze the description’s effectiveness and make amendments when necessary.
  • AI can also make dynamic details pertaining to the interests of each buyer.
  • Automated product descriptions also create dynamic pricing maximizing revenue and raising the sales volume.
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