Home Decor · August 5, 2021

Replacing Furnace and Air Conditioner Together: The Complete Guide


The idea of changing heavy electrical pieces of equipment at once might seem overwhelming because of the expensive expenditure altogether. However, upgrading your furnace at the same time as your air conditioner is the only way to assure that it operates at peak efficiency and saving a lot of money for the long run. Any service providers for furnaces and AC repair Tampa, FL will recommend you to replace both and match the HVAC system.

Why Should You Replace Your Furnace And Air Conditioner At The Same Time?

As you can see, if you don’t replace your furnace and air conditioner at the same time, the older furnace will reduce the new air conditioner’s performance. But what if you’re not buying a variable-speed or two-speed air conditioner and instead require a new furnace to avoid the system getting slacked off? If your furnace is only about 10 years old or newer, it may be worth deferring the replacement for a while. It’s true that mixing and matching systems, such as an old heating system with a new cooling system or vice versa, isn’t a good idea. However, if your furnace is not so old and your air conditioner is not so high-efficiency that replacing both at the same time is a major undertaking, you may choose not to replace both at the same time. Most of the time, clients are in a situation where replacing both systems at the same time makes the most sense in terms of their lifespans! If you are wondering when you should replace your air conditioner and furnace together, well, here is when you should: When the installation of your system is complicated, the system is fifteen years or older, when your high-efficiency system has a SEER of 16 and above or you don’t want to spend a lot on the systems at different times.


Having a matching system with an effective handler will allow both systems to function correctly, providing you with the home comfort you desire. You’ll save money as well. When components are “matched,” they are made to operate together as efficiently as possible. Because both systems will be under warranty, replacing them simultaneously will save you money if repairs are required. New systems will require fewer repairs in the long run. When you buy both systems at the same time, you may save money on installation because the process will be less complicated and time-consuming. When you opt to replace the older unit, you’ll have to pay for a second installation. With an unmatched system, there are even more issues that could arise. Failure to replace both pieces with new, more efficient technology might result in agony, aggravation, and additional costs. When you pair a new system with an old, inefficient system, you risk shortening the life of the new system you just bought. Manufacturers are not bound to uphold warranties of new systems that have been merged with older systems if they fail during the warranty period. If you replace both systems at the same time, you’ll be covered by your warranty if you ever need it.


In the end, the decision is of the customer. If your air conditioner has finally died but your furnace is still operational (or vice versa), the difficult decision is whether to repair, replace, or update the entire HVAC system or just one unit. Replacing both at the same time is the best option for optimal efficiency and cost savings. An unmatched piece will just degrade the entire system. So think wisely before making any decision.