Lifestyle · January 16, 2022

Red Gemstone offers the boldness you want

Red gemstones are really one of a kind type of jewelry that can boost the look of your outfit. Any outfit that was lame or not really fulfilled before can become really beautiful afterwards. Their importance cannot be underestimated and hence have always played a very significant role in our society. There are many types of red gemstones that are identified in the database that is in the records but frankly, when most people speak of red gemstones they refer to ruby which is the most commonly found red gemstone.

Importance of Red Gemstones

Red gemstones have had a great culture throughout past civilizations, be it used in astronomy or symbolizing wealth and beauty in women. They have for very long been associated with fire and warmth which is obvious as the fire was a great tool for past civilizations to get themselves warm and be safe from dangerous predators. Being red in color we can say that it resembles fire. It was also used as a symbol for strength, as the color red was mainly associated with masculinity.

It was believed that wearing these gems gave you physical strength and boosts your motivation. Of course, it wasn’t actually true, it was part of an elaborate process known as the placebo effect. When the person wholeheartedly believes that a certain process will have a certain outcome that is related to their bodies then their brain makes it come true if that process is not too extreme.

Apart from this, another historical significance that is associated with rubies is that they were held in high esteem in middle-eastern countries. So much so that they used to decorate armours, thrones, crowns in China and India. They were also laid beneath the foundations of many buildings for securing good fortune. Due to this high demand, these gems were transported in high quantities in the Silk Road in China.

In this era, the uses of ruby have not changed. Still being used as a symbol of wealth many people use rubies in decorative ornaments such as jewelry  or decorations. Hence we can say that their importance has not deteriorated over time and has withstood the test of time.    

Multiple uses that are impressive

Color is often one of the most important factors in people’s minds when they go for jewelry  purchasing. Colors have always held great importance throughout history for symbolising different emotions and ‘vibes’. Whereas going for pure gold will give you a more demanding-for-attention royal vibe to it, rose gold will is known to provide a soft and subtle but enchanting glow. Even with a difference this minuscule, they become vary from each other.

Similarly, red is a color that is courageous yet elegant. We know it as a color that simultaneously represents passion and love but also blood and anger, a deep rich red makes the wearer feel powerful.

We see the use of red gemstones like rubies as jewelry  in history as well, but it is just as much, if not more, important now as well. Whether it is intricate designs weaving red stones into an elegant necklace or pendants or earrings which never fail to catch the light. Many people prefer rings of rare red gemstones as well, especially encased in black semi-mount.

These gemstones, especially rubies, are also a very popular selection for engagement rings. Who would not want to adorn their beloved in jewels that speak of the fire? There are many other reasons however as well. Rubies are very durable and sturdy, almost as much as silver. Besides that, they are also very appreciated for all they symbolize, especially for lovers.

Surprising benefits you must know

A lot of benefits that we get from wearing ruby are more psychological than anything. As we stated before, believing in something to have a certain attribute even when it doesn’t may be able to help you. In this case, ruby has been proven to give its wearers a stronger and more determined mindset. It can immensely help boost your self-esteem and make you feel more confident. In some cases, if you are gifting it to someone it makes them feel treasured because rubies are no ordinary gemstones. They are said to be a positive jewel and have a good impact on a person’s mental health. Given as a gift, it makes them feel cared for so it really is the best gift. There’s another thing about red jewelry, is that you can never go wrong with it even if you try. It adds a little boldness to any outfit if you need, or can accentuate it with that extra glimmer. For people who believe in superstitions rubies excel in that area as well. Many people believe that rubies bring good luck and ward off evil. They also think that it improves your overall health as well! Rubies are a type of jewel that holds a lot of importance both in the industry and spiritually to people, and make for the perfect gift to oneself or someone you love!

Author bio: Zuber is the creator and design director of IMZUBER, a digital marketing company specialising in jewellery. He is driven by a desire to empower and encourage jewellery entrepreneurs and creators. In addition, he is the presenter of the happy jewellery Marketing Seminars.