Recover Deleted Data from PC- Get Instant Solution

Recover Deleted Data from PC- Get Instant Solution

One of the common issues in our daily life is that we can’t recover deleted data from PC. If you want to get your data back you will search for the numerous option that will easily restore permanently deleted files.

Did you know, where do the deleted files go? Let we tell you in brief.

Usually, when your files are not permanently deleted(shift+del), they stored in the recycle bin and can be easily retrieved using the Restore option. But what about the case when your files are permanently deleted? In that case, your permanently deleted data can’t be restored from the recycle bin and you have to use other tactics to retrieve your data. As there are various methods from where you can recover deleted data from PC which includes manual as well as automated solutions.

Recover Deleted Data from PC through Manual Solutions

These are the manual methods to recover deleted data from hard-drive.

Using the Previous Version to Recover Deleted Files from PC

This is a solution in which recovery is performed by restoring the previous version. Steps for restoring files using this method are:

  • Go to “This PC” and traverse the folder from where data or files are permanently deleted.
  • Right-click on the folder then chooses the “properties” option.
  • Now, select the “previous version” option.
  • Select the RESTORE option from which all the permanent deleted data will be restored.

 Restore Deleted Data from PC Using Backup and Restore

This solution can be performed by creating a backup of all the files and folders you needed. And by mistake, if you skip this then your data can’t be recovered. To retrieve your files follow these steps-

  • Go to Control Panel, click on the System and Maintenance option.
  •  Select the Backup and Restore(Window 7) option, and then click on Restore my files.
  •  To select the previously stored backup, click on the Browse for folders or Browse for files.
  • Search the location to save the backup, if a file is already stored in that location with the same name, then choose Copy and Replace option.
  •  Wait till the process will complete, once the process is completed, your deleted files will restore.

If you want to recover permanently deleted data from PC, then it can’t be recovered through the above manual solution. So, you have to try the automated solution.

Professional Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from PC/laptops

Now, we are familiar with the manual solution but these methods contain their own risk and failures. They are not that much capable of providing recovery of your deleted data which means that when we follow these methods we have to go with some automated tools. Because manual methods are time-consuming and difficult for non-technical users to use. To overcome these failures automated tools are designed which can recover your permanently deleted data from pc/laptop. So, one of the best data recovery software which is easy and efficient to use is Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool to retrieve your data back. This tool is robust and convenient to use. It includes various features that help the user to recover permanently deleted data from PC. It also supports the recovery of formatted data from the hard disk.

Lets, check out the steps to restore deleted data from PC-

  1. Download the SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software and Install it on your system.hdd recovery
  2. Two options will appear, click either on “scan” or “formatted scan”.download for free 2019
  3.  View all the recovered files, files that are restored are shown in red color.recover lost files
  4.  In the menu tab, the SAVE option is provided, you can save the recovered files or folders. computer data recovery 2019

Final  Verdict

Here, we give a brief review of data recovery including manual and automated methods to recover deleted data from PC. We advise to use the expert solution which is highly recommended by technical experts. So, use SysTools Hard Drive Software to recover permanently deleted data from PC.

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