Health and Fitness · June 21, 2019

Questions you need to ask your nephrologist in Dubai

Thousand of questions may be striking in your mind when your doctor would have asked you to consult a nephrologist in Dubai. It is Okay if you are having such feeling. Don’t feel shy about asking questions as it’s your health and you need to be aware about each and everything going in your body. The below given 8 questions can help you in starting up your conversation with your nephrologist.

7 questions you need to ask your nephrologist:

Why I am asked to refer you?

Many of the times, patient are not aware why they have told to refer a nephrologist. So it is the topmost questions that strike in every patient’s mind. Maybe your physician has some kind of doubts and has referred you to visit nephrologist to clear those doubts. So you need to ask your nephrologist regarding the reason.

Why my kidneys are not working properly?

The main function of the kidney is to filter the waste material out of our body and if it is not able to do it properly, then we recall it as kidney dysfunction in layman’s language. If you are facing kidney dysfunction, it needs to be your main concern to know why it is happening. So, don’t feel discomfort or shy to ask him why they are not working properly. It is their job to make you understand regarding your condition and to assist you to take further care.

What degree of kidney dysfunction has occurred till now?

This is the reasonable question you can ask your nephrologist at your first visit. If your kidneys are not working properly you should be aware of how poorly they are functioning as compared to the normal functioning of the kidney. Your nephrologist will surely not mind to answer you regarding it.

How can I delay or stop this harm to my kidney?

It is quite understood that you want to preserve your kidneys at any cost. But it is not possible in some cases because the kidneys have totally stopped functioning causing renal failure. A good nephrologist in Dubai can help you in understanding if your kidney function can be preserved or to decline over time or you need to opt for other options.

What treatment I need to take now?

Different treatments are recommended to different patients depending upon their degree of dysfunction. Your nephrologist can only explain to you and prepare you for the whole treatment and may tell you if you need to go for renal replacement therapy options.

Can I take a second opinion?

A good nephrologist won’t mind at all if you ask for seeking a second opinion and will surely encourage to do it. The second opinion can be very beneficial for you as you may feel more confident regarding your doctor and will clear the unnecessary doubts in your mind. The second opinion can also help you in getting more options for your treatment.

How to maintain balance in my daily routine?

Renal treatments are quite complex as you need to follow up with strict medicines and tests schedules. Moreover, you need to change your diet too. Your nephrologist plays a very important part to adhere to a medical plan for you to cope up with your daily routine. So don’t forget to ask your nephrologist regarding it.

Conclusion: Kidneys are one of the most essential organs in our body. It’s your prior concern to know what is happening in your body and for what reasons and you should not feel ashamed to ask it. It is reasonable to have a discussion with your nephrologist to clear all the doubts that are haunting you. So, confidently visit your nephrologist and don’t forget to ask these 7 questions.