Health and Fitness · April 15, 2019

Protect your skin by using the treatment of Restylane

Summer is almost here and it is a time to expose your beautiful skin to the sun rays which means that your skin becomes highly vulnerable to damage. Not just the healthy diet but proper skin care routine and treatment can give you back your younger looking, healthy skin. In skin rejuvenating Restylane treatment in Edmonton, this is a known name now and showed its effectiveness to a number of patients. If you translate it to your own term then it is, “water bright injections” but this is really the newest and finest way to get flawless skin and get rid of those wrinkles.

What are the Restylane?

This is actually a technique of micro-injection that infuses the right amount of Hyaluronic acid into our skin. It makes our skin even and plumper. It can also reduce the fine lines, can smoothen up the stubborn acne scars and enhances the elasticity and firmness. This method is known also as Hydrofilling or Hydrolifting. Hyaluronic acid is an important substance or sugar molecule that occurs in our body naturally and it can hold properly its weight in the water.

How the method works:

It is the filler that first fills up the sheer amount of skin deficiencies and gradually lift up the skin. There are no mechanical effects of the Restylane but it works finely with the help of the biochemical properties of Hyaluronic acid. It moisturizes our skin from its root by stimulating the growth of the collagen. This is the reason that the skin boosters can provide you with long lasting skin hydration. With a small needle, the product will be injected beneath the skin while covering a certain part of the skin for approx 20 minutes. Some benefits One of the most common problems that many people today, especially women, are facing is skin ageing. This is actually the best way to slow down the effects of skin ageing. The common benefits of Restylane are it can enhance the overall quality of your skin and can give you lasting protection against further damage. It will not replace your sun protection products but this is the booster of your own natural skin tones and quality. By nourishing your skin, this injection will help you to get younger, more beautiful and finally the healthier skin. Often you will find that your day cream may be working best while you are using it with a complimentary night cream. But they are for a certain time. Restylane injection can make you happy by giving you the around the clock moisture that your skin requires desperately.

  • It softens our skin by locking the natural moisture of it.
  • By repairing collagen and reversing free radical damage, the appearance of scars can be lessened. This is a perfect solution for those who are suffering from pimple scars on their faces.
  • Hyaluronic acid can improve our uneven skin tone. It evens out the dark spots and gives glowing skin.
  • It can help you get more youthful skin. This basically means that wherever you are in the world, whatever season it may be where you are, you can expect to have a healthy skin always.
  • Other benefits of Restylane skin are it protects the skin from the harmful UVB rays which cause sunspots and other types of skin discoloration that instantly make the skin look old.

Cautions: You can expect to get minor swelling, tenderness or redness but only for a few minutes. You will get comfortable treatments from the Botox treatment clinic in Edmonton to reduce the issue immediately. To get the optimal result you need to complete the 3 treatments course at the 4 weeks of interval and finally the maintenance treatment for a few months.