Home Decor · August 14, 2019

Pro-tips – Placing Ganesha Artwork at your Home/Office

Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshipped and loved Gods of Hinduism. In India, Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated as one of the most joyous festivals.

People from all parts of India worship Ganesha and purchase art pieces representing him. Apart from India, Ganesha has followers all over the East. Many cultures apart from Hinduism have also adopted the manifestation of Ganesha.

Some believe that Ganesha always directs others to accomplish their peak.

Also, Ganesha is considered as a very good and pious omen to begin a new task, buy a new thing or progress in life.

This makes the demand for Ganesha artwork even more among the people.

And you will be surprised to know that a high number of foreign art lovers and collectors aren’t shying away to purchase paintings, artifacts, and sculptors of Ganesha.

However, if you are placing Ganesha pieces or paintings in your home without understanding the interpretation and the rules, you might be missing the whole point.

Here are some tips that would help you to place artworks of Ganesha in your home, workspace…basically anywhere in the right geometry.

The symbolical meaning of Ganesha

Before you decide to put up Ganesha painting on your wall or decorate your living room with an exquisite Ganesha artifact, comprehend the real interpretation of this deity.

Ganesha is often worshiped before initiating a new venture, purchasing a new thing or to make prosperity in work.

This is so because Ganesha is believed to be the God of Joy, Success, and Happiness.

Religious experts and people across the globe believe that having a Ganesha painting or an art piece inside your home or office would help in the professional and monetary growth.

So, the next time you are about to place a Ganesha artwork in your home, remember what it really means for you.

An ideal place to put up

Being a newbie, you may not be aware of the fact that if you put up Ganesha paintings or artefacts or sculptors at particular positions or places, it rejuvenates the aura of your surrounding and infuses a vibe of prosperity and joy.

Ayurveda has given India, ‘Vastu’ – the science of architecture. According to Vastu, the most appropriate place to put up Ganesha idols or paintings is the northeast corner of your office or home.

Most of the people put up Ganesha artworks to eradicate obstacles, ensure protection and spread a positive vibe in the aura.

So, if you have a meditation room or a study in the northeast corner of your flat or workplace, put up the Ganesha piece there.

It is advisable to put up the painting or the artifact facing into the room rather than siding towards the outer space of your room or workstation.

Also, it is strongly recommended to not make the mistake of putting up more than one Ganesha statue, painting or artifact in a room. This is considered a very bad omen.

It is also believed that if the statue has its backside towards the room, the arrival of poverty into the home becomes inevitable.

Some more tips – Home placement

We all know that Parvati ordered Ganesha to guard the door while she was bathing. This incident indicates the role of Ganesha as a gatekeeper.

So, placing Ganesha idols at the main door is considered as perfect. It is believed that if Ganesha is present at the entrance of your home, bad luck and lousy visions attempting to enter your home take a backseat.

Placing a Ganesha artwork above the main door facing into the home invites progress and prosperity into one’s life.

If your home is situated on a dead end street, the best place to put up Ganesha idol is in the foyer or at the main entrance.

Where in office?

If you are about to begin or are already running a home office, placing a Ganesha artwork eludes positive and pious vibes that boost your career growth.

So, while placing a Ganesha idol in your office, make sure that the art pieces aren’t facing the door or the window of your cabin or cubicle.

Placing Ganesha paintings and art pieces in such a location escalate the halted growth of career and life.

Where in the living room?

While you plan to adorn your living room with a mesmerizing artwork of Ganesha, ensure to place the piece in one of the corners of the room facing in the interior.

Also, you can set up a table to place Ganesha idol. It is not recommended to place Ganesha statue near a TV or on a hearth.