PriorAuth Online: Helping You With Prior Authorization Solution for Dermatology

PriorAuth Online: Helping You With Prior Authorization Solution for Dermatology

From normal skin rashes, Botox, cosmetic surgery etc dermatology is a vast area to cover. Botox and other cosmetic surgery are expensive which is why achieving prior authorization even more difficult.

In fact, a survey was done in 2016 by AAD (American Academy of Dermatology and DPTTF (Drug Pricing and Transparency Task Force) which was sent to US-based AAD to 208 members and 500 ADAM members (Association of Dermatology Administrators &Managers) stated:

  • 96.5% reported they experience delayed in the prior authorization treatment, which is common
  • 91.4% reported an increase in the number in the dermatology prior authorization process

Now day’s with the people’s awareness and conscious about their appearance, the demand for dermatology services like Botox; cosmetic surgery etc is also rising with a demand for faster authorization approval.

Prior authorization for dermatology requires a great deal of persistent, proactive pursing and thorough knowledge of payer’s guideline, up-to-date authorization regulation and Rx caveat. Which in –house staffs often find difficult to keep a track of, this is why healthcare providers for a much convenient option opt for external prior authorization support.

Addressing all the prior authorization problems for dermatology, PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc helps you in achieving a better revenue generation, faster authorization and streamlined operation. Serving more than 28 specialties our experts offers unparalleled support in all prior authorization process including dermatology, DME, orthotics etc. With a keen understanding of the best practices of the industry, authorization regulation and its process knowledge our PriorAuth Online experts ensure high quality services along with a reduction in the time that is consumed during the administrative work. In fact, for a successful prior authorization for dermatology our experts follow:

  • Gathering relevant medical documents from the providers
  • Calling up insurance to find the authorization filing procedure and turnaround time
  • Submission of the authorization request (fax/online/calling)
  • Follow up with the Payer to check authorization status as per the TAT set for each Payer
  • Acknowledgment of authorization approval/denial
  • Notifying the Pharmacy
  • Updating the authorization details (authorization number/duration/ quantity) in the Provider’s billing system
  • Scheduling delivery of the drug

Providing an excellent industry reference and 100s of satisfied clients, our effort of 100% prior authorization submission on the same day is still intact. With other benefits like robust reporting, no cost dedicated account manager, no binding contract and immediately increases in your collection by 80% within the first 30 days by getting your PRIOR AUTHORIZATION accurately approved by us we today are the part of many leading prior authorization names in the industry.

To know more benefits that we offer for successful prior authorization for dermatology and leverage our facilities in order to enhance your revenue generation and streamlined operation, get in touch with us over a ‘no commitment call‘.

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