Health and Fitness · January 9, 2020

PriorAuth Online: 2020 solution for all your DME prior authorization

One of the main pain points of every DME prior authorization is the struggle healthcare providers face with staffing. As the U.S. is experiencing a lower unemployment rate right now creating a job-seekers’ market and as wages are on the rise, making providers lose employees that they have invested hundreds of hours in training becomes a challenge for many healthcare providers. With the frustrating DME prior authorization process, it is a real challenge for providers to keep their processes staffed consistently and reliably, as well as finding new talent within a cost-effective price.

This is why PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help.

Why PriorAuth Online for DME Prior Authorization?

with experienced experts and resources, reducing the difficulty in collecting the outstanding balances from the patients when expected to collect only 50% to 70% of a patient’s balance after a visit is made to 100% prior authorization submission on the same day; PriorAuth Online takes care of it all.

Closing all authorization gaps faster and effectively and helping you in solving all your DME prior authorization complexity, improper payments etc; PriorAuth Online has been solving prior authorization problems of more than 20 specialties for most of the leading names in the industry.

Being a complete 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance organization, PriorAuth Online also helps healthcare providers focus more on other vital areas like patient care etc. Increasing the authorization rate by 1.5-2x and 80% operational cost reduction, PriorAuth Online is the only RCM organization that offers doctor office follow-up and patient calling, pre-billing activities with working experience in numerous billing software.

Taking the complete DME prior authorization responsibility right from sharing/collection of information detailing the medical necessity, including back and forth communication with important documents as well as doctor’s office follow-up, checking all the eligibility which is required, patient calling contacting the insurance, updating the outcome in PM/ billing system of the client; PriorAuth Online experts have got it all covered.

Offering standalone/end to end DME prior authorization services at a low price for $7 per hour in helping you will all your DME prior authorization problems, PriorAuth Online is the ideal destination. For more information on how PriorAuth Online can bring a difference to the table, get in touch with our experts over a ‘no commitment call’, we are just a call away!