Practical Tips to Maintain Your Blinds

Practical Tips to Maintain Your Blinds

After choosing the perfect blinds for your home and finishing their installation, the next thing to do is to keep them looking their best for a long time. Other window treatments, such as curtains and drapes, are good with laundering or dry cleaning, but blinds need more attention. It is because blinds come with moving parts and require proper usage. Also, sometimes you need to call a blind repair service to rectify a problem even though blinds are built to last.

Proper Use of Blinds

There are many types of blinds, and the ones you choose have specific strings, cords, handles, or other materials in place, allowing you to manoeuvre them. Use the controls of your blinds correctly to avoid causing problems to these types of window treatments. Pulling the cords a bit harshly or turning the wands quite sharply can give you a disaster on your hands.

Also, it is essential to keep the strings and cords free from being tangled. Overlooking the importance of untangled strings and cords can result in blinds beyond cure.

Tips for Maintaining Your Window Blinds

Wash and clean them correctly. It is easy to wash off blinds, especially if you own vinyl ones. Detach them from the brackets that hold them to the windows, and put them in a bathtub or basin with soap and water. Use a sponge and rub them carefully. After giving them a good washing, rinse them well under running water. You may use a showerhead for this. Let the blinds stand upright when drying before installing them to the windows again.

Dust them regularly. One of the biggest maintenance concerns of blinds is dusty and dirty slats. As with any horizontal or vertical surface, open blinds gather dirt over time. Cleaning the slats can be a struggle because the space between them is quite small. But, regular dusting will keep them looking clean always. It is also an effective way of extending the life of your window blinds.

Use a duster or soft cloth to remove dust and other unwanted matter from the blinds. Do your dusting at least once every week. Also, consider giving your Venetian blinds a once-over with a vacuum brush attachment every two weeks. Some people use a dryer sheet to rub the slats after washing and dusting their blinds to prevent dust from accumulating fast.

Learn how to untangle the cords. Cords that become tangled can cause you great distress. Although the knotted cords do not affect the function of the blinds, they can diminish the overall appearance of your window treatment. So, hang them straight after every cleaning schedule and take some time to untangle them whenever you see this problem.

Attending the problem immediately will keep it from escalating into an entangled mess, preventing you from lowering or raising the blinds fully.

Prevention is better than cure. Make sure the slats are entirely open before raising the Venetian blinds. Before opening your window behind a blind, you need to raise the blind first. Do not push through the slats as this will lead to unwanted wear and tear. If you are using aluminium blinds, it could kink some of the slats.

Blinds are a cost-effective and stylish way to add beauty to your home. But, remember that they need the necessary care and maintenance. You can consult with a professional blind repair service if you are having trouble fixing your blinds and their cords.

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