Oral Health Reflects your Overall Health – George Pegios

Oral Health Reflects your Overall Health – George Pegios

A connection between your oral health and overall health is truly something that you have to believe. Maintaining healthy teeth takes lifetime care. George Pegios talks on taking care in the right way is something important that you need to know. Let’s have some basic and simple tips for caring for your oral health:

  • Brush properly– A gentle and proper way of doing brushing is the correct way instead of doing it in a complete rush and badly. Move your brush thoroughly in up-down and circular motion by taking your time.
  • Brush twice daily– Strictly follow the recommendation of brushing twice in a day and make it your habit to brush properly at night before going to your bed.
  • Tongue care-Your complete good oral health needs proper care of the tongue as well. So do not skip to gently brush your tongue along with your teeth for maintaining overall good health.
  • Fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes– A mainstay in your oral health is to add a toothpaste that contains fluoride. It helps in fighting germs and creates a protective barrier for your oral health. Another necessary habit you need to follow is using mouthwash as it helps in re-mineralizes of teeth, maintaining the amount of acid level in your mouth and cleaning the areas where your brush can’t reach easily.
  • Flossing- Do not neglect to floss your teeth, although it is quite tough. Try to use dentistry tools related to flossing surely helps you a lot. It helps in reducing plaque and inflammation by stimulating the gums.
  • Drink plenty of water– Drinking more water helps in maintaining your overall health as it helps in removing sticky and acidic food particles from your mouth.
  • Good food habits- How can we forget about the right food in the right way? Adding fresh vegetable, crunchy fruits in your diet helps in building strong teeth. Limit the intake of sugary products such as coffee, tea, etc. Choosing lower sugar products is better for mouth health instead of consuming high sugary products, as too much sugar often leads to long-term problems along with diabetes. Avoid eating tiny and overly crushed food items and make chewing nicely a habit for letting your jaws stay stronger.
  • Visit the dentist- Go for a dental checkup at least twice in a year, even if you strictly following all the above oral routines.

Complications of Poor Oral Health

Instead of feeling shy to smile and cautious in front of anyone due to your oral health issues such as diseased or missed teeth, cavities are leading to a less confident and fake smile. So, do not let these oral issues interrupt your million dollar smile ever Smile as hard as you can, as loud as you want!

Complications of Poor Oral Health


Beside this smiling issue, many problems due to crooked or diseased teeth can also affect your speech some time. Nowadays, bad food habits among the kids lead to cavities and severe oral issues which generally are ignored at the initial stage. Imagine due to such ignorance of oral health your kid is now facing speech issue! He/she does not want to interact and go to school because his/her bad speech delivery is making them losing confidence. Eating unhealthy food items in vast quantity is having a negative effect on oral health as the one major problem in front of us is of- Cavity.

Therefore, be sure about the eating and cleaning oral habits of yourself and your family to maintain the overall health. One of the serious problems in oral health is ‘Cavities’, they are painful where decay has eaten your enamel and exposing a tooth’s root.

Anything hot or cold food or liquids can create sensitivity in your teeth. Although cavities have not any particular symptoms until it completely damages your tooth. That’s why visiting your Dentist is important.

Gum Disease

Poor oral health leads to gum disease or periodontal disease which causes loss of teeth along with other infections if remains untreated. Know this clearly that, gum inflammation (Gingivitis) usually precedes periodontitis. Gingivitis at early stage builds up bacteria in plaque leading to inflamed and bleeding gums during brushing. Periodontal diseases may further cause other health problems such as diabetes, heart complications, strokes, and respiratory issues.

Bad Breathe

Persistently bad breathe is a serious issue of bad oral health, which reflects your unhealthy lifestyle and promoting bacterial growth in between your teeth, around the gum and tongue.

Best for your Oral Health and Smile

To strengthen your enamel, add more water and milk in your diet chart. Due to acidic food items and drinks, the enamel got weak and your teeth become sensitive. In other words, it is known as dental erosion which creates pain and discomfort.

For flourishing your teeth and gum the best choices are milk and water only. Say not the unhealthier diet and create an opportunity for your oral health along with a never hiding smile ever. An improved healthy diet improves your oral health with a confident positive smile.

Healthy teeth can’t let you stop from smiling!

Establishing good hygiene habits and proper dental care is must in many ways you might not have thought of before. A healthy mouth will help you in achieving overall good health if you encourage yourself and your family to practice good oral hygiene. In a simple way, oral health and overall health are just like the two sides of a coin, any kind of imbalance in your oral health going to affect your overall health.

Making your brushing proper and twice in a day a habit with fluoride toothpaste, using flossing and mouthwash to kill bacteria and bad breathe, intake of more water and avoid eating sugary food items leads you in a lifetime good oral health.

Never forget to visit a dentist for a complete family oral checkup and following the given instructions regularly for cleanings and the prevention and treatment of cavities.

A good complete oral health care can save your overall life!

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