Automobile · September 19, 2021

Off-road driving – Best Flog lights for your car

Off-road driving – Best Flog lights for your car

Off-road driving is always an exhilarating experience be it on a car or bike. All wanderlust enthusiasts are always careful about the various accessories they use on their vehicles – Brakes, Tyres, shockers, and most importantly headlights. Fog lights for cars provide an excellent experience off-terrain by providing better visibility and safety for the driver.

Visibility is one of the most quintessential aspects when the car is on an off-road adventure. Though the standard car headlights might seem all fine during normal driving, it’s not enough for an off-road journey. Your safety is at stake!! That’s why fog lights for cars become a crucial requirement for such an endeavour.

To avoid collision while you are on rugged terrain or unexplored territory or just exploring the backwoods, fog lights are a must. They provide well-lit visibility and it’s actually a good idea to get them installed.

LED fog light for cars

To ensure complete safety, durability, and a high-end off-road experience, LED fog lights to provide concentrated light beams for a clear farther visibility. They have a prompt cooling feature too where the aluminium alloy gets cool down much faster compared to their HID car headlight counterparts. With a lifespan of almost 30,000 hours, these LED fog lights are waterproof and dust resistant too.

HID fog lights for cars

High-Intensity Discharge also known as xenon bulbs are much more powerful than halogen bulbs. By consuming less amount of energy and producing brighter light HID fog lights for cars are a better option for the low to medium car segment. These types of fog lights for cars cover over 70 percent of the road ahead with brilliant illumination during less visibility or foggy conditions.

Yellow versus white foglights for off-road driving

Every vehicle owner is faced with a choice between yellow fog lights for the car or white headlights. Technology usually helps us make an informed decision but we must not forget the natural condition around us – Weather.

Driving off-road and that too during low visibility conditions can be dangerous and can cause fatal incidents. Yes driving cautiously with undivided attention is a must but to help keep an eye on the road we need the right color of fog lights for cars.

Which color fog light is the best when driving off terrain is one of the most crucial questions. Yello or White?? Many of us face this dilemma when we are getting ready for an off-road adventure. Try to understand the pros and cons of both the color headlights – their brightness, durability, quality, beam output, etc. It is always a wise decision to check the color of the car headlights before you take on any type of road trip.

LED fog lights and HID for lights for your cars have multiple advantages that produce the best illumination in low light conditions. They are durable, cost-effective, high-performing, and incredibly efficient fog lights for cars that do not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are driving over a hill or are at the corner of the ghats, considering installing premium quality foglights from OSRAM might be a good idea for your and the safety of your loved ones.

Upgrading to HID and LED Fog lights for cars

Understanding the importance of installing fog lights for the car is your first step towards road safety. It is crucial to know the significance of automotive lighting as we are powerless in front of nature’s wrath. Upgrading your fog lights helps to better visibility during bad weather conditions – fog, heavy rain, or snow.

HID or Xenon lights produce a brighter illumination when compared to Halogen bulbs. This can be done by using HID conversion kits for fog lights. However, if you are not an HID fog lights fan, then you can choose LED conversion kits for fog lights too. LED fog lights have a high shelf life when compared to HID and Halogen for lights. LED conversion kits come with a set of color filters and you can try these different shades and experiment with them to suit your style.

By installing fog lights for cars, you can immediately see the difference in the visibility they provide and you are in a better position to drive in any climatic conditions no matter what’s up ahead.

Benefits of installing Fog lights for cars

Enhanced aesthetics – When you install fog lights to your vehicle they just don’t add functionality but also give a style and class to them. These fog lights give a much beautiful look to your car even when they are not in use.

Road safety – Fog lights are not just for foggy conditions. As illustrated earlier too, they are very helpful during other bad climatic conditions or on low visibility roads. HID and LED fog lights for cars can make a huge difference in getting to your home safer and getting into a fatal accident.

Let others know you are on the road – It is quite hard for other drivers to know that you are on the road if your vehicle is not equipped with fog lights. Almost every type of fog light works well with OEM headlights if you are getting them installed in your car. Fog lights for cars let other drivers know your location on the road which aids them to drive more carefully.

Enhanced Visibility – Fog bulbs for your car are installed just beneath your car’s bumper. It helps the driver to see the road for any hindrances. As these fog lights promote better visibility they help the driver to see the road during harsher conditions.

Always keep in mind, that fog lights are only designed and necessary during limited visibility conditions and have a limited range of illumination. Therefore, you should only make use of them during bad weather conditions. Do avoid driving at a higher speed during such periods.

Before you plan to get your fog lights installed do check the local laws in your area. As different cities have different rules and regulations for the colors and intensity of fog lights. At the same time check your user manual for the correct shape and size for installing the right fog lamp for your car.