Noises surround us

Noises surround us

One of the most serious problems in our modern world is noise pollution. Noises that are permanently present in our environment have an extremely negative effect on our body and mood. It is medically proven that noise is detrimental to both our physical and mental health. Continuous noise can lead to heart and digestive problems, headaches, and a tense state of nerve that can make it difficult to concentrate, and can cause memory and performance loss.

It’s curtains for the harmful noises!

With the help of double-layer, thick-woven acoustic curtains, we can effectively eliminate unpleasant noises. Curtains made of special materials can be wedges of any style of home, studio or workplace as aesthetic home accessories due to their wide range of colours and patterns.

There is no perfect silence

There can be no complete silence around us, there are constant voices that we cannot rule out. These include the soothing and pleasant sounds of nature. But noise from an external source that disrupts the tranquility of our home does not fall into this category. Noise from vehicles, work equipment, technical devices, telephones, dog barking, or quarreling neighbors is definitely worth attenuating if you want to live, work, or relax in a calm, healthy, and harmonious atmosphere.

The curtain rises!

Acoustic curtains can be an ideal solution for soundproofing windows, but they also work great as a room divider. The durable and machine washable fabrics have a sound absorption capacity of about 20-30 dB.
Multiple features in one product

In addition to their sound-absorbing properties, acoustic curtains can also be used as blackout curtains. Thus, by excluding light and noise, we can relax undisturbed or even create a real cinematic experience in our home.

lass surfaces

Glass windows are unable to absorb the sounds coming to their surface, they reflect them, creating disturbing echoes. Noise from the street is only slightly attenuated, so we recommend placing decorative acoustic curtains in front of the windows.

The tranquility of the night is important

The human ear cannot exclude sounds, even during sleep. When we live in a busier or busier place, unfortunately we often wake up tired, exhausted by the noises at night. Fatigue also affects our entire day, our mood and our work. Instead of sleeping pills, acoustic curtains offer a simpler and healthier solution. Noises and glare lights can be almost completely ruled out with their help!

Open-plan offices

In addition to their many advantages, one-room offices also have disadvantages. The noise of computers, telephones, other technical equipment, furniture, and the conversation of colleagues can disturb our concentration, thus deteriorating our work performance. Due to the negative effects of noise on our health, we have to take sick leave several times, which also goes to the detriment of work. Acoustic curtains can also solve workplace noise problems.

Don’t move – curtains!

Do not confuse traditional curtains with sound insulating curtains! Due to their density and thickness, acoustic curtains are excellent for sound-absorbing and sound-insulating, darkening and even thermal insulation purposes, while their decorative and sophisticated design makes them ideal for decorating our homes.

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