Nightlife in Hyderabad

Nightlife in Hyderabad

Many of you must have known Hyderabad as the city of pearls, sumptuous food, numerous lakes and growing IT landscape. Well, the city has developed a rich persona over the years and has emerged as a modern cosmopolitan catering to the diverse ambitious residents of the city. This reflected in the happening nightlife of the city and ever-growing numbers of events in Hyderabad which help people to unwind post their work hours.

Some of the best pubs in Hyderabad have come up in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills and Gachibowli area. In fact, all the major malls in the city in these areas are also homes to some of the most happening pubs. Some of the key characteristics of these clubs in Hyderabad are as follows.

  • Theme: All the best-rated pubs in Hyderabad have a very distinct theme. These could vary from a sport based theme (typical sports bar) to the Victorian theme, from ancient brewery to a classic Irish style, from a country bar to an American style pub. These themes give a unique flavour to the ambience of the place and leave a lasting impact on the patrons. These pubs not only focus on the décor but also customize their menu and drinks menu to leave an impactful impression on their audience.
  • Events: Some of the best lounges or clubs in Hyderabad ensure that there is something more which they can offer to their customers. Earlier it used to be live band/singing as the single most important attraction for a given pub or lounge but these days with the emergence of the stand-up acts the event calendar at a given pub or lounge is having multiple options. Some of the clubs also follow a schedule of a fixed set of events like Karaoke nights, etc. to engage with the audience and make them participate in the event.
  • Menu: The food menu of these pubs and lounges is ever-evolving. They stick to their theme so that they can resonate with their audience. The elaborate menu of finger food, starters, fusion food caters well to the hungry clubbers. Though the food may not be the most important component, it could make or break the impression of the place. Places have ensured that they not only do a good job with their food but also develop their signature dishes so that their customers can keep coming back to those.
  • Drinks: Isn’t the most important part? Will yes! The wide variety of menu on the bar is the single most important crowd puller for these clubs. The elaborate cocktail menu or the wide collection of whiskeys, scotch or wines – the bars of these clubs have to ensure that they are well stocked and innovate to keep their audience hooked to their barstools. The signature combinations often become the topic of debates among friends when they try and compare the pubs of their choice.
  • Music: The music in these places give these places a unique persona. These places ensure that their music suit to their target audience and help them unwind. The choice of music depending on the theme of the club. The DJs capability to engage the audience with his/her skills plays an important role in establishing the loyal fan following for the club. Clubs not only ensure that they choose the best of the tracks but also innovate in their mixes so that the audience does not get bored easily. Be it International, hip-up, reggae, EDM or classic rock, these clubs ensure they give the best of the world to their audiences.
  • Safety: Ensuring the safety of their patrons is another important virtue which ensures repeat visitors. It is the club’s responsibility to remove any unlawful elements and ensure everyone feels safe in their environment. The last thing which a club wants is a brawl which scares away the audience create a permanent blot on the history of the pub. These clubs hire best of the security agents and ensure that problematic folks are kept out of the clubs.
  • Location: All these clubs or resto-bars are situated in some of the poshest areas of the city. These locations help the club to maintain a high social profile and attract the right set of audiences to their properties. The location plays a critical role as it gives a strong message to customers about what they can expect from that place. A centrally located and well-developed property ensures that club is often visited by its patrons and is visited by newer folks as well.

Well Hyderabad’s, night clubs are ensuring that they do a good job on all these fronts. With the emergence of the upper-middle class, a greater number of international visitors, better connectivity across the city Hyderabad’s nightlife is most happening than ever. The city is known for its responsible behaviour, respect for others and bringing the best foot forward when they decide to party. If you are new to Hyderabad or visiting the place don’t shy away from checking out your nearest club. We bet that you will be pleasantly surprised! Happy clubbing!

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