Nice Things To Do At Work As A Random Act Of Kindness

Nice Things To Do At Work As A Random Act Of Kindness

“Kindness is the language that everyone understands.”

This quote sums it all; kindness can really take you a long way. 

Need some good karma up your sleeves? What about starting from the office? I have always believed in the theory of karma, no you don’t have to be religious and all for that, just see as it as a justice of the universe.  

I know an office can be a tough place and people literally suck every single bit of patience out of you. But still, try not to be a shitty person, as it will end up bad for you only. 

Even if you feel that your office is worse than hell, you can be the first one to initiate a change to improve the environment at your workplace. I understand that some co-workers are hard to deal with and talking to them is equal to banging your head on the wall, so, you cannot even stand a sight of them, but trust me only an act of kindness can change people. Not precisely change people, but it will bring you mental peace. 

Nice Things To Do At Work

The best thing about kindness is that; you don’t even need words to express it; your actions say it all. Like presenting a flower bouquet once in a while to your co-worker without also having to say a word can bring you on good terms with them. Well, if I tell you personally when I started my career, my lead and I were not really on good terms. But slowly, as I grew up professionally, I understood that you really could not change people’s attitudes. All you can do is, practice self-kindness and feel pity for such people and be kind to them as well. 

Bringing in baked goods

Why not start with bringing in some baked smiles?. Never in my life have I ever came across someone who said no to freshly baked choco-chip cookies. If you can, wake up early to bake them in the morning itself and bring in the office while they are still warm. If waking up early is your weak point, don’t worry, you can go for a cake as well. Get an online cake delivery as soon as you reach the office because you don’t need a reason to eat a cake, right?. 

Sharing is caring

What about sharing your mid-day snack with your co-workers. Everyone gets hungry after a few hours of lunch, so offering them food will a very kind gesture. I know sharing food can be a sensitive matter but don’t worry, everyone is aware of the simple rule that you have to say no when anyone offers you food. But if your colleagues aren’t aware of this rule, and have a habit of gulping whatever is offered, then bring some extra for them.


Appreciation did not hurt anyone ever. We all need appreciation to keep the motivation to work up. If you see that your co-workers are not getting appreciated by the seniors for their excellent work, priorly, make sure that your boss notices that. If that doesn’t work, take the lead in your hand and do that on their behalf. Believe me, it will mean a world to them. If you have a sour relationship with them, your appreciation might restore your bond.  

Coffee breaks

coffee break

If you are running out to get a coffee break, just stop, think, and ask your colleague if they want to join you for the same. If you want time for yourself, then bring them their favorite coffee on the way back. Or just grab a cup of tea or a coffee whenever you see their energy dropping and you think their brain needs a liquid hug. No one ever complains about the free coffee you know. 

Be a savior

No, not like God! But if you sense that your co-worker is about to make a blunder or a big mistake in front of anyone, try to intervene and prevent him or her from doing so. I know that bad work ethics and not everyone will appreciate it, but some will, especially the one you just saved. Also, if you see that your co-worker is stuck with a difficult client, be a savior and take them off his or her hands by interfering in their conversation and saying that you need them for an urgent task (of course that doesn’t have to be true).

Try incorporating these gestures at your workplace, and it will surely generate good energy for others as well as you. If not, at least it will add to you good karma! So it’s a win-win. 

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