NewYork Shirt Company-Points to Consider for an Ideally Fitting T-Shirt

NewYork Shirt Company-Points to Consider for an Ideally Fitting T-Shirt

T Shirts are one of the most popular clothing items around the globe. Whether you are a man, or a woman, old or young, T-shirts have a place in everyone’s closet. Whether you are going to the gym or hanging out with friends, or about to sleep, they are used for everything. They’re comfortable as well as stylish and we can continue describing them for hours.

But the following written piece is not about what t-shirts are and is more about how a t-shirt should fit. Now, if you are among those few people who thing t-shirt sizes are standard everywhere, you are wrong. Being the top NewYork Shirt Company, we know that medium size is not the same for every store or every brand. If you have been to multiple stores, you may also know that extra-large of some stores may be large in others.

The raging differences about the meaning of size labels make it difficult to determine the actual T-shirt size that you should wear.

So what’s the solution? Well, most of the places, you will notice that your standard size remains the same. But a variety of other sizes can also fit you at several stores. While people use their best judgment to evaluate the look of a shirt on them, below we will roll down through a few things that can help you determine how a t-shirt should fit and whether to buy it or not.

Size/Tightness :

If a t-shirt fits correctly, tight or loose from any end should never come into the equation. If it’s loose, it will hang from that end leaving an unflattering appearance. If it’s too tight from one end, you will sport an annoying and conceited look about to burst at any time.

Shoulder Seams

The best way to tell how good a shirt fit is through shoulder seams. According to our top NewYork Shirt Company, an ideally fitting shirt should have seams reaching the very end of your shoulder at the top of the arm. These will be extended down your arm in case of a big t-shirt whereas they will fail to reach the end of the shoulder if the shirt is too small.


If the sleeves are extending around halfway down your arm, it is a perfect fit. In case you have a good height, we suggest you go for slightly longer sleeves to make it look proportional.


Give extra attention to the hem of your t-shirt. Anything higher than your hips will look oversized but anything too short can make the whole t-shirt look small. The perfect length will be the one covering your waistband and going a few inches over that. Anything shorter than that, and you will be sporting a crop top while raising your arms. Anything longer than that, and you will be sporting a dress like one piece. Always raise your arms while trying your t-shirt to see how far it goes up.


We have seen many cheap t-shirts with no shape whatsoever. You do not want something hanging like boxes. Instead, go for t-shirts that follow your body lines like the ones available on NewYork Shirt Company.

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  1. I bought this for my granddaughter who lives in a different state. I haven’t seen it but she loves it so I do too. She did say that it was very soft.

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