Lifestyle · April 8, 2019

Must do exercises in your early 30’s

As we age up, the tendency of our body to handle work goes down and the body starts losing its luster. Especially when you touch the age of early 30s. This is the time when our body starts curving down from the performance and health curve. We start seeing a decline in our performance, body fat starts to melt, belly starts popping up and what not. Not to forget, in this age only, a person is working a lot more than at any stage of his/her career and never thinks about health. But, staying healthy is really important for not only to stay healthy but to boosting the work performance too. In addition to this, if you are working and don’t have time to go to gym and you can also buy gym equipment using Aliexpress Offers at reasonable prices.

So, we have listed some of the exercises which one can do in his/her 30s:

HIITS (High-Intensity Interval Training)

High-Intensity Interval Training is something everyone can do to stay fit in their 30s. These exercises pump your body, there is a rush in your blood, heart thumping- it is the best to do. Doing HIIT twice or thrice in a week can make your body tough, muscles strong and most importantly heart active. With growing age, our heart starts losing its capacity- that’s why HIIT is must maintain its fitness or what we can say is aerobic capacity. According to a study done in 2017, HIIT helps in slowing down the aging process. So, why not hit the gym and do this training to become fit.

Lift weights

As per a study, an average person starts losing about one percent of his/her muscle mass each year starting from their early 30s. So, this weight training might come in as a life savior for you. Not only weight training helps you to build body and muscle mass, but also it strengthens the body. Lifting weight makes bones healthy, strengthen your body and most importantly, make you healthy and fit.  If you weigh less, lifting weights is a blessing in disguise for you as it will boost your metabolism.


Pilates is something everyone in their mid or early 30s must start doing to hide and say adios to your wine belly. It is one of the best ways to strengthen your core and keep your belly in shape. It helps in making you look lean, helps in improving flexibility and tightens your abs, legs and butt area. Not only this, but Pilates is also one of the best workouts recommended after pregnancy. It brings back the women in shape and strengthens their core, chest, back, and hips. So, Pilates twice or once a week can bid adios to your popping tummy.


Undoubtedly, Yoga is something you can’t avoid in your 30s if you want to stay healthy and fit. You can perform various asanas to keep your body fit. Also, start your morning with meditation which will bring your mind to peace and what better way to start your morning with the mind at peace. Not only this, Yoga powers your core, increase flexibility and makes you feel like you are in the 20s. Yoga improves your balance, brain coordination, flexibility, and helps in reducing perious feelings like stress, anxiety, and tension. So, start your day with Yoga and achieve inner peace with some balance in life. Also, you can take online yoga classes online by using Curefit Offers at affordable prices.

High Impact Exercise

Various studies show that just at the start of the early 30s, bone density of both men and women are at a peak which means that your bones are more brittle at this stage. Further, it means your bones are very prone to fractures and osteoporosis at this age. So, to have healthy and tough bones, you must switch to high impact exercises which you can do twice or thrice a week. You can go for jogging in the morning, go hiking with friends on weekends, playing tennis and running. Skipping ropes is also one of the high impact exercises which can help you in maintaining your bones strong.