Tour and Travels · August 10, 2022

Mudgee Accommodation for a Weekend Trip

Mudgee is on top of Australia’s weekend trip destinations being only a 3.5hours drive from Sydney, 4 hours from New Castle, and 5 hours from Canberra with a scenic drive and interesting stops en route.

The destination will never be short of offerings for your wine discovery and appreciation with over 40 wineries and cellar doors. The gastronomic experiences are one to write home about too, a worthy pairing for their world-renowned produce.

As a charming country destination, its character and charm exude from its gold-era architecture, tree-lined streets, and the people’s natural warmth to welcome and entertain guests. Find time to also visit art centers and galleries, and shop for local crafts and handmade items.

When it comes to accommodation options, Mudgee has a wide variety of places to address the different needs and interests of travelers. From large group accommodation to adults-only places in storied sites to communing with nature.

Exclusive Rentals for Family Accommodation

Traveling with family, especially with children can be daunting. The Tyalla Lodge provides much-needed exclusivity, space, comfort, and the convenience of home while in Mudgee. It’s an architectural masterpiece that allows you to bask in nature and unhindered views of the wineries nearby. It offers an ample entertaining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, multiple bedrooms that comfortably host up to 20 guests, and outdoor spaces to enjoy the weather and the views.

If you choose to stay in, have a catering service (Soul Mama) put together a wonderful spread including the region’s fresh produce and of course, a selection of Mudgee’s fine wines.

Otherwise, you can also ask Exclusive Mudgee to do a private wine tasting and grazing platter for you on-site.

Farm Stays 

In Mudgee, you can stay on an operational farm complete with crops and animals. If you’re with children and you want them to see practical living and enjoy the experience fully, this is a good choice. They can feed animals, pet a select number of animals and even ride some horses.

Live life on a farm and witness the beauty of enjoying nature, being at home with guests, and tending to animals.


For those who want to unplug and reconnect with nature to heal and rejuvenate, off-grid locations may be just for you. Designed to embrace the natural surroundings while providing privacy and security, off-grid accommodations are design marvels.

On cold months, enjoy time by the fire outdoors while sipping on your favorite reds. Some accommodations even give guests the opportunity to give back to nature by planting trees.


If you’re traveling for the gram, enjoy the outdoors, and want to do camping with all the comforts glamping (glamourous camping) is your best bet. There are a number of popular places in Mudgee for glamping popular for couples.

Caravan Park

If you want to go camping the traditional way, there’s a caravan park located at Mudgee’s CBD. Amazing right? They provide spaces for you to camp but also have tents, caravans,s, and cottages available for rent. There are wide open spaces to enjoy nature and the best part? It’s a few minutes away from popular places.

Traditional hotels

If you’re looking for full-service accommodation with all the frills you are used – (a.k.a room service, housekeeping, etc.) to form your accommodation, there are various hotels across this charming country destination. Many are located around CBD so you can explore nearby pubs, restaurants, parks, local shops, and other nearby attractions on foot. These hotels would have at least a restaurant or pub where you can dine and have a good time.

Which type of accommodation would you most likely choose and stay in when in Mudgee? Discover more accommodation options in Mudgee for your weekend trip at Mudgee Travel.