Technology · May 1, 2019

Mobile App Development Trends to watch out in 2019

Universal profits for mobile applications are expected to augment by an astounding 972.5% by 2019. With the upsurge of the use of mobile applications on smartphones, it will shortly be transformed into a $100 billion USD by the end of 2020. Fast development in technology is accountable for the development of mobile applications into an international miracle.

Here are some of the state-of-the-art trends that the leading world of mobile phone users can look ahead to.

GPS-based Apps: Augmented reality or AR presented in games is the cutting-edge trend. The high demand for place-tracking functionality of smartphones has now boosted therefore building such apps widespread amongst users. AR has become highly advantageous to those who are building 3D games these days.

Advanced Hybrid Technologies: Advanced hybrid technologies will become great and will grow fast with the great use of devices such as Angular JS, Ionic, Cordova, and PhoneGap. These will be utilized for agile hybrid app development projects. BYOD or get your own device is a current singularity which adds very much towards the development and recognition of hybrid. As per to forecast, mobile enterprise apps will have a great demand and there will be a tough challenge for the developers to receive it.

Pay attention to Mobile App Designing: The achievement of a mobile application relies on how comprehensible the interface is. Graphic artists, illustrators, and animators are being employed by each firm to pull public attention towards the building of the app. Graphics, micro interactions; parallax, grid-based interface crafting, and fragmented-screens are going to be right track blocking trends to look ahead to.

Big Data Getting Big: Huge applications are now going to be really huge in terms of importance by merging accessibility in interfaces, dependability and also upgraded functionality. We won’t have to wait for long to see innovative mobile app development that merges IoT, big data processing aspect and also cloud connectivity.

Enterprise App Taking Lead: Communication is everything easier by these apps as they are skillful of upholding fixed connection with current and prospective clients. With the personalized facility, regular business management goings-on have also been offered easily. CRM mobile app is the best example to tell off consumer info quickly which builds operation simple for senior management.

Internet of Things: IoT has truly ascended in a larger way than one and all likely. It has also developed in profits generation and money making the process as well as it is likely to get long steps in terms of incorporation and revenue generation by 2019. This appeared nearly a decade before but now it has become veracity. IoT has been executed to a broad range of industries from healthcare to transport to safety.

Security is Taken Seriously: Security bullying have augmented various with the use of the Internet in the whole thing noticeable. Safety measures such as 2 step user verification which is utilized mainly for mobile banking app has become conventional. This is the purpose why developers are being requested to have a robust safety measure in place. iOS has always had an amazing safety but Android experiences on this phase. However, Google is trying to utilize automatic security updates as well as rough app approval.

Instant Apps are the Future: Instant apps perform accurately what they consider- they build the apps work very smoothly and flawlessly. These apps don’t even need downloading or installing on a specific device. This allows users to get smooth access to a variety of apps flawlessly. For example, when a user is being referred to a single link from a friend, he/she can easily be open it with a particular tap. This helps the users in using the specific feature from the app without installing it on the device. This year lots of such apps which will work based on the users’ demand will be issued offering users a more personal experience. Though, these are only Android responsive.

These are some of the mobile application development trends for the year 2019 which the users and also the developers are moving forward to. These unique trends are imperative ones and as per to forecast will take a profile in the years to come.

However, businesses are trying to acclimatize themselves to the altering demands of customer behavior. Attention distance of users has summarized intensely, therefore, leading to the development of innovative apps which are assisting more people to acquire a life of success.