Mexico Latest Travel Tips | Post Covid Rules, Requirements and Bans

Mexico Latest Travel Tips | Post Covid Rules, Requirements and Bans

It will help if you have a Mexico tourist card and a valid visa to travel to Mexico. The world is facing a tough time, and we need more precautions to handle COVID-19 pandemic. The world is waiting for the vaccine to resume traveling. Mexico is one of the best countries on the traveling list of many people. Yes, we are talking about Mexico. Let’s discuss the things that you require to enter Mexico.

Mexico tourist card: Things that you need to visit Mexico

Here are some mandatory things that are essential to visit Mexico. But these requirements are other than the COVID rules.

Mexico tourist card

You need a Mexico tourist card other than the Mexico travel visa. It is an essential document that you need to obtain on arrival or online. However, you can’t use this paper in place of a Mexico travel visa. Above all, it doesn’t matter if you reach Mexico by travel or air; you need to have a Mexico tourist card.

Mexico air travel card: Valid for six months. You can stay up to 180 days. Valid for single entry

Mexico land tourist card: Valid for six months. Stay up to 6 months. Valid for single entry

The process to apply for the Mexico tourist card:

It’s not hard to get a Mexico travel card along with a visa. But you need to follow specific steps to apply for the documents.

·         Fill out the application form.

·         You need to attach a copy of the valid passport, flight number, and other personal details.

·         Now provide your valid email address to receive the tourist card in softy form.

·         However, in the last step, you will pay a certain amount based on the processing fee. You can pay the amount through a credit or debit card.

After completing all processes, it will take a few days, and you will receive a Mexico tourist card in your email.

Other important things to keep in mind:

It is vital to remember that the card is valid only for a single visit. Above all, you can’t indulge yourself in any working activity during the stay. Furthermore, you have to accompany a valid Mexico travel visa along with a tourist card. Make sure to have the traveling document in physical form to avoid any hassle at the border.

Is there any Covid restriction for Mexico right now?

You know that Mexico is a favorite hotspot of many North Americans for traveling. But now, you need to be a little careful due to the current health crisis. CDC issued an advisory for American citizens to remain cautious before getting the Mexico visa and traveling. Since June 1st Mexico introduced a spotlight system for opening tourist attractions. So, now there aren’t many restrictions in Mexico. But all hotels and restaurants are working on the 30% capacity.

Quarantine requirement:

Travelers are allowed to enter the country after getting a Mexico travel visa. However, after entering the country, there isn’t any quarantine requirement. You only need to go through the regular temperature screening. However, the officials can ask you to quarantine if you show any symptoms. In addition to this, you need to fill a health declaration form upon arrival in Mexico.

CDC guidance:

Though it’s open to travel to Mexico, CDC issued an advisory for safe traveling. The number of COVID cases are increasing day by day. So, if you want to travel, then take the needed steps.

All hotels, restaurants, and airports are implementing social distancing and prevention rules for safety. These rules are working according to the advisory of the hospitality ministry. So, you can get a travel visa and Mexico tourist card anytime but be cautious.

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