Melasma Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention


Melasma is a common disorder that occurs on the skin. In this condition, brown and discolored patches appear on the skin. The melasma mostly appears on the skin, but in some cases, it appears on the arms and neck too. If the melasma occurs during pregnancy, it’s also known as the “mask of pregnancy.”

Research shows that this disease often occurs in women and a study shows 90% of people who have melasma are women. It usually appears on such a part of the skin where the body gets sunlight. Melasma also transfers genetically. Moreover, you can check for melasma treatment in Pune to provide adequate treatment with the utmost care.

Signs of Melasma

The melasma causes dark and discolored patches on the skin. Research shows that the patches that appear on the skin are darker than the actual skin tone. The regular patches on both sides of the skin appear during the disease. This disease occurs on the cheeks first and throughout the body.

Mostly on the parts of the body which are exposed to the sunlight. The brown patches appear on the cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lips, and chin. Melasma disorder also occurs on the neck and arms. However, melasma is only a specific disease that causes patches, nothing else. People often feel self-conscious about having rough skin with patches.

If you find any patches on your skin, consult with a dermatologist; he will be able to prescribe suitable medication for you. Symptoms of melasma corner the confidence of people as some people are concerned about their appearance. If you observe any of these symptoms; you undoubtedly need to do the melasma treatment in Pune to receive proper treatment.

Causes of melasma

Melasma disorder or the mask of pregnancy occurs due to an increase in hormones during pregnancy. Melasma isn’t limited to the woman with pregnancy; it also occurs in all stages of life. If melasma occurs when girls are in their teenage or ’20s or 30’s, it is likely to last more time than usual.

Additionally, melasma causes emotional distress as women are more conscious about their skin. The chances of melasma increases if you have darker skin. Dark skin triggers melasma. The reason is that dark skin has more pigment-producing cells. When these cells produce more pigmentation on several areas of the skin, then it causes melasma.

Melasma also occurs due to the starting and stopping of contraception birth control pills. The sun is a major cause and contributor to melasma. Melasma becomes worse when the sunlight and its rays hit the skin.

Treating the melasma

Suppose the cause of melasma in your case is due to pregnancy or taking pills. It will soon fade away after pregnancy or as soon as you stop taking medications. Research shows that a pregnant woman who uses aloe vera results in a decrease in patches.  Another study by a dermatologist proves that orally taking Polypodium Leucotomos can treat melasma effectively.

Tranexamic acid is an oral therapy for melasma. Tranexamic is a synthetic derivative of amino acid lysine, which helps to reduce melasma disorder. Glutathione is an antioxidant which is a combination of three acids, Glycin, cysteine acid, and glutamic acid.

The oral intake of glutathione reduces melanin, which causes hyper-pigmentation—reduction of melanin results in less melasma. Keep your skin away from the sun as much as you can. Remember to put on sunscreen if going out and do not watch the sun directly; wear a cap too. The more you block sunlight, the more melasma’s risk decreases.

Diagnosis of Melasma

A visual assessment is obligatory on the affected area of the skin. Health professionals may ask for other tests too. One of the testing methods that professionals use is “wood lamp examination.” In this method, dermatologists use a black light in a darkened room on our skin, this light will cause the affected areas to change colors, thus being able to detect the melasma.

It helps the doctor to examine the number of layers where melasma is present. In severe cases, they may perform a biopsy. Moreover, the biopsy consists of removing small skin pieces where melasma occurs, and tests are an absolute must-do.

Prevention of melasma

Prevention is better than a cure. Prevention is something we shall consider to avoid long term disease on the skin. The use of sunscreen contains chemicals such as oxybenzone. Sunscreen is also significant, which contains zinc and titanium dioxide. Always buy the sunscreen before consulting a professional. The sunscreen sometimes may cause irritation and allergy to the skin.


Melasma is a skin disorder that results in little patches on the skin. The brown patches look more prominent when your skin color is entirely white. Melasma does not cause any physical pain, but it affects people emotionally. The above article makes you clear about melasma and the possible ways to cure it.

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